The Dragon Mountain Book Tag

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be doing the Dragon Mountain tag, which I found on Charlotte, Somewhere, and was created by her son S. Onto the post!

1. Dragon Mountain features some special Dragons. What is your favourite fictional creature and why?

It’s definitely dragons! I love loads of other mythical creations as well, but you just can’t beat dragons.

2. In Dragon Mountain the characters go into the Dragon Realm through a cave. Can you tell me about another book where the characters enter into another world and how they get there?

In the Shadow Moth, the sisters enter a different world (which is very dangerous and confusing for them) through a door in a tree, which I thought was a pretty fun way to start a portal fantasy adventure.

3. Each of the Dragons in the book has their own special hoard of treasures. What would you have in your hoard?

Anyone who knows me knows I already have a tendency to stockpile things I really love, so books, chocolate, pretty dresses and pyjamas would all feature I reckon.

4. Each of the characters forms a special bond with one of the Dragons. Can you tell me about a book that has a strong friendship in it?

Daisy and Hazel’s friendship is amazing, and I answered my other fave best friends pairing last time and confused poor Rachael no end, so I have to mention them here.

5. The characters gain special powers from the pearls that they collect. What power would you choose to have and why?

I think I’d want to be able to talk to animals. Or to read minds.

6. The children and the dragons have to work together to defeat the Noxious. Can you tell me another book where the characters have to defeat something bad?

The Noxious are pretty scary, but one of my favourite books ever is the Boy in the Tower, in which the characters have to defeat the “blurchers”, which are plants that have the power to kill people. It’s such an amazing, quietly unsettling read that also has lots of humour and heart.

7. Dragon Mountain has a shocking cliff-hanger ending. What other book shocked you right at the end?

I don’t think I’ve EVER been more shocked by a twist than I was with Amari and the Night Brothers. It’s such an incredible read.

Are you a fan of the Dragon Mountain series? Have you read any of the books I chose for the prompts? What would your hoard be made up of? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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