The Derry Girls Book Tag

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be doing the Derry Girls book Tag, which was created by Aoife and I found on my friend Ross’s blog. Onto the post!

Erin — A Book That Took Time To Warm To

I have a stock answer for questions like this, but something a bit different that I only read recently was the Cousins. It took a few chapters to get going but I LOVED IT once I did.

Michelle — Your Favourite Strong Female Characters

Um, how long have you got? One I really loved recently was April from Pretending. She doesn’t think she’s very strong at all, but I think she was incredibly brave at so many points (although I don’t necessarily condone her catfishing)

Clare — An LGBT Romance

An f/f romance I enjoyed recently was Lia and Xania in Queen of Coins and Whispers, which was an excellent political fantasy too.

Orla — A Character With Their Head in the Clouds

I mean, Dolly in the Girl with her Head in the Clouds quite literally does… as does Rainbow Grey!

James — A Translated Book

I don’t read a huge amount of translated fiction, which probably isn’t the best thing for a languages student to admit. One I’ve had on my TBR for ages is Piglettes and I do plan to read it someday.

Sister Michael — A Book You Studied At School

My favourite books I studied at school were the Graveyard Book, and also the play Tally’s Blood.

Granda Joe — A Grumpy Character You Can’t Help But Love

I don’t know if grumpy is the right word, but I think Mercy from Love Me Not fits this prompt really well.

Ma Mary and Da Gerry – Your Favourite Bookish Parents

Undoubtedly Richard and Annabel from the Geek Girl series.

Jenny Joyce — Your Favourite Bookish Clever Clogs

I feel like saying Harriet Manners would be cheating, so I’ll go for Sorrel from Bloom instead!

Aunt Sarah — A Book With A Pretty Cover

One of my fave covers on a book I’ve read recently was Storm’s. All Nicola Skinner’s books have amazing covers, both on the dust jacket and underneath!

Uncle Colm — A Book You Can’t Shut Up About

Again, how long have you got?! Recently, I’ve been raving about the Skylarks’ War every chance I get.

Thank you so much for reading! Are you a fan of Derry Girls? Have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned here? What did you think? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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2 thoughts on “The Derry Girls Book Tag”

  1. Love Derry girls 💜 I confess I only know bloom and rainbow grey on your list!!! 🙈
    Aunt Sarah would have to be for me a pretty cover but fluffy plot!!
    ‘will seven bags be enough??’


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