If You Like This Book, You’ll Enjoy This One Too #3

Hello everybody! Today, I’m doing another installment of recommending books based on another, which I always really enjoy writing. Onto the post!

If you’re a fan of the Spinster Club trilogy (especially What’s a Girl Gotta Do?), you need Hexed in your life!

Are you a fan of fun, feisty feminist books? Me too! I was such a huge fan of Holly Bourne’s Spinster Club trilogy, and Hexed reminded me of the last book’s feminist campaign, and the Camaraderie between Jessie’s friendship group reminded me of Evie, Amber and Lottie so much. Plus Hexed is about feminist witches!! With powers to defeat the patriarchy!!

Do you love the found family in Nevermoor as much as I do? Try the Long Way to a Small Angry Planet!

I absolutely adore found families in fiction, I think they’re brilliant. The Hotel Deucalion gang are my favourite ever, but the crew of the Wafarer’s relationships to each other are absolutely lovely. NB: Nevermoor is MG, but Long Way to a Small Angry Planet is adult, so this chunk of the post is aimed at adult MG readers only.

Did you enjoy Sing Like No One’s Listening/Dance Like No One’s Watching? Pick up Tiny Pretty Things!

Are books about competitive schools for the performing arts your jam? Both of these duologies are must reads. They focus on the cutthroat, backstabbing atmosphere and as such are pretty tense, but there are some lighter moments to enjoy as well.

Did you fall in love with Me, My Dad and the End of the Rainbow? Try Proud of Me!

Me, My Dad and the End of the Rainbow is one of the loveliest things I’ve read all year, and I can’t wait for the author’s second book. Proud of Me is another MG book with LGBTQ rep, and I think we need so many more of these, but both of these are amazing and I’m so happy more are being published now.

Have you read the wonderful Rainbow Grey? If you liked it, you need to get hold of the Weather Weaver!

Both of these have weather magic and pet clouds, which is the main reason I’ve paired them together, but they’re also both very charming and gentle and lovely, so if you like one I’d be shocked if you didn’t enjoy the other.

Thank you so much for reading! What do you think of the books I’ve mentioned? Are you adding any to your TBR based on this? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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