Q and A: My Dream Ice Cream, Characters I Want to Meet and Other Fun Facts!

Hello everybody! I realised last month that I hadn’t really done a personal Q and A post for a while and I used to really enjoy them, so I asked for some questions on social media and luckily, very lovely people sent me some. Onto the post!

What is your favourite book you’ve read so far this year?

This is UNBELIEVABLY hard. Can I have a top 3? Cause if I have a top 3, I’m thinking Skylarks’ War, Show Us Who You Are and Daisy Jones and the Six. If you made me pick just one, Skylarks.

If you could spend a day with any character from any book, who would you choose and how would you spend the day?

Oooh this is such a good question! I’d really love to spend a day with Paige from the Yearbook to treat her a bit, to some books and we could chat about how it gets better after you leave a horrific school and how she’s absolutely amazing and most definitely nothing like a slug.

Have you tried writing fiction yourself? If so, what?

I used to write a LOT when I was younger, and I have lots of ideas for things I’d love to write if I was ever to go back to it. There are two main ones: one is a YA thriller that has been in my head since I was like 10, and the other is an MG fantasy inspired by one of my fears.

What would you put in a knickerbocker Glory style ice cream sundae?

Okay, so I have two answers to this. The first is that I’m extraordinarily boring and it would be 6 scoops of mint with mint aero pieces, mint buttons and after eights on top. The more interesting, adventurous answer is that I’d have two mint, two chocolate and two white kinder bueno, with a mixture of chocolate sprinkled on top. Still lots of mint chocolate though because it’s my fave. Which flavour of ice-cream is your favourite? As you may have guessed in the last question, mint!!

If you could go book shopping with any character then who would you choose and which book would you then buy them?

Oooh, this is such a good question. I think I’d go book shopping with Olivia from Read with Pride by Lucy Powrie, because I wanted to shove Radio Silence in her hands and tell her she wasn’t alone so many times as I was reading.

Pasta or pizza?

100% pasta!!

If you had to put 10 MG/YA books in a time capsule to be opened in 100 years what would you think the future deserves to find?

Boy in the Tower, definitely, because that book is about humanity and the power of people coming together. Radio Silence, for teens struggling with exams and the insane pressure it puts on them. Geek Girl, because the message is timeless. Me, My Dad and the End of the Rainbow because it’s so inclusive and gorgeous and fun. The Skylarks’ War for its subtle beauty and humour. Death in the Spotlight because it’s my fave MMU book and it features a character coming out, which I hope is not a thing in the future because everyone can just be who they want to be. Show Us Who You Are, because it made me feel less broken and although I hope things are better in the future, I want people who need it to have it. Destination Anywhere, for the same reasons. Storm, so they can have some humour and read a masterpiece at the same time. And Crater Lake, just in case the world has been taken over by weird alien things and people need some tips, plus Jennifer is the best human and deserves to be read 1,000 years from now.

What colour books do you have the most of?

Based on the collage I make every month of the books I read, I definitely read a lot of blue books. Are blue covers really popular right now or something?! I’d guess maybe yellow or blue for the most popular colour I own.

What book would you pair with Folklore/Reputation?

Everyone keeps saying Folklore is a summer album, which I agree with, and I love it’s dreamy, mystical vibe so I think I’m going to say A Sky Painted Gold for that because it has those vibes. Reputation is TRICKY. For the reason that it’s about overcoming your demons and escaping your tormentors and falling in love, I think I might go Destination Anywhere. I absolutely loved that book when I read it in April.

Favourite childhood book?

It was a series called Pony Club Secrets and I was BEYOND obsessed with them. I actually really want to reread them but there’s 12 so it feels a bit ambitious and I’m scared I don’t love them as much. A bit later in my childhood, I was a fangirl for Adventure Island and the Laura Marlin Mysteries, both of which I also wanted to reread.

Favourite teen book?

Has to be Geek Girl!! I read the first book when I was 12 or 13 and going through a really awful time at school, and it (plus the sequels) made me feel less alone and less hopeless.

What do you do if you are really struggling with a book? Do you keep pushing through or do you have a point where you stop reading?

I think I’ve gotten better at choosing books I’ll like since I’ve been blogging and really actively thinking about what makes me enjoy something, so I don’t have to DNF that often but I absolutely do if I’m not enjoying something. My most recent DNF was the Crowfield Curse.

What book have you re-read most?

I’m sorry to be a stuck record but I reckon it’s Geek Girl. My copy is literally falling apart at the spine. Next to that, the first few Murder Most Unladylike books.

What’s your favourite Taylor song?

I’ve tried SO HARD and I can’t pick between two so you’re getting both. My nostalgic fave is Hey Stephen, and my actual fave is New Romantics. It’s a crime it’s not a proper album track. And if I’m allowed a top 3 I’d probably go for Treacherous because it’s hugely underrated.

How do you choose what you’re going to read next? What makes a book jump to the top of your tbr?

So, I have themed(ish) TBRs that I read from every month (choosing those is an exquisite torture), which kind of helps, but also I get someone else to choose between 3 or 4 for me most of the time. Lots of things can make something jump to the top, such as the synopsis just sounding amazing, if the author is lovely on social media and I want to support them, a friend telling me I’ll love something (these messages make me so happy!!) and also if I have a blog tour I need to read it for or something.

Magnum or Solero? Definitely Magnums!! I especially like mini ones.

Summer or Winter?

I don’t especially like either but probably winter… I don’t cope well with heat. Although if you asked me in winter I’d probably say summer because I also can’t stand snow and ice!

Books organised by colour, theme, alphabet or chaos?

They’re organised by age category/how soon I think I’ll be reading them, but they’re lowkey chaotic and a pile may genuinely fall and kill me at some point.

Of the books you’ve read recently… which world would you most like to live in?

I think I read the 3rd book in May which was pretty recent, and the answer is 1000% the Kingdoms and Empires series. The world is so amazing!! Although I’d prefer not to live there during any of the actual books in the series cause that would be SCARY.

Which Disney character is most like you and why?

Anna from Frozen. Unless you mean physically and then probably Belle or Snow White.

Do you have a collection and what is it?

I mean… my house is overrun with books, but other than that pyjamas, CDs, boxsets and soft toys are some of the main ones.

What bad habits do you like about yourself?

I was SO STUCK on how to answer this, and then my friend reminded me that I go online shopping literally any time I’m bored, upset or anxious. It does mean I have lots of pretty clothes and books though.

Pick a favourite book, and then decide which dog breeds each main character would be?

Daisy is, imo, 100% a collie. Super smart and so loyal to those she loves, but it takes her a while to warm up to people. Hazel is a Golden Retriever because they’re my fave, but also she’s very like them- smart but an absolute softie. Kitty is a Terrier- I can’t think of any ginger ones so I’ll maybe go Yorkie as she’s quite… happy. Lavinia is a Staffie- people think she’s scary but she’s lovely. Beanie is without doubt a Bedlington. Alexander can be a chocolate Labrador because he’s a complete MUPPET and I’ve never met a chocolate lab who’s not a bit daft. And George can be a saluki because I’m reliably informed they’re very clever and similar to collies, and he’s kind of the male Daisy.

Thank you so much for reading! Did you learn anything new about me reading this? Do you have any questions you’d like to ask I didn’t answer? And what would some of your answers be?! Please come chat to me in the comments!

Amy xx


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