Five New-to-Me Films I’ve Seen in 2021

Hello everybody! Wow, it feels like forever since I’ve done a post about films, so I wanted to do a little update post with some I’ve enjoyed in 2021 so far. I have seen a couple of others but these are the majority, and most of them are Disney, because I’m loving my Disney Plus subscription so much. Onto the post!

Saving Mr Banks– I watched this with Louise as part of our Sunday Disney tradition, I think in January, and it was wonderful to experience a new Disney film for the first time. I’ve never actually seen Mary Poppins but I did like the book, so it was fascinating to learn more about its author and learn about the film adaptation too. Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks were incredible in the lead roles, but Bradley Whitford being in it too brought me so much joy. He played my favourite character in the West Wing and I’m lowkey obsessed with his acting.

Some Kind of Wonderful– I absolutely love 80s films, especially ones that had John Hughes at the helm, so I’ve no clue why it took me so long to watch this. It was such a lovely, dramatic romance, and it lived up to the expectations I had with it being described as a gender swapped Pretty in Pink (aka my fave film ever).

Raya and the Last Dragon- I absolutely adored this, the animation is amazing and the plot is so gripping. It’s about a girl called Raya trying to restore her world to its former glory with the help of the legendary dragon Sisu. Sisu is so, so amazing and majestic and I’m raging there are no pyjamas with her yet, and I adored Raya too. Sandra Oh made a great villain, and this is definitely one I can see becoming a favourite for me.

Luca– God this film is so visually stunning, and I love how chilled the plot is. It’s about two sea monsters going ashore and trying to win an unusual Italian triathlon with a girl who feels like a misfit in her village. I love its messages about feeling like an outsider too, and Machiavelli is a king among cats and I am so, so tempted to buy the cuddly toy of him they have in the Disney Store.

Togo– I was such a WRECK watching this, it’s a very tense biopic type of film, about the 1925 serum relays, which obviously involved lots of beautiful dogs. It was interesting to learn a bit about this period of history and the cinematography was beautiful, but I’ll level with you, I mostly watched it for the huskies. I fell in love with all of them, but especially the eponymous Togo, and the ending and the voiceover broke me.

Thank you so much for reading! Which films have you watched in 2021 so far? Do you have any recommendations for me? Are you planning to watch any of the ones on my list? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x

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