My Thoughts on… What Were You Hoping to Find?

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be a Vistas fangirl yet again, and share all my opinions on their new album What Were You Hoping to Find?, which came out late last month and instantly became one of my favourite albums. I’ve not done a music post for ages, because a lot of the stuff I’ve been getting into is a lot older and I wasn’t sure if there would be any interest, and even though barely anyone will read this one, I just couldn’t contain all my feelings about this album in my head.

I haven’t written much about it but this past year has been really hard, and Everything Changes in the End (both the album and the song) was one of the things that saved my life last year, and on my darkest days, anticipating this album has got me through. So, essentially, it means a lot to me and I’m probably going to cry the whole way through writing it!

Disclaimer: I might be absolutely off base with what these songs are about and basically none of this is like gospel fact, these are just my personal interpretations and they’ll very likely be a bit rambly because I can’t quite express how much I love Vistas and their music.

What Were You Hoping to Find?– the intro of this is one of the most beautiful instrumentals on the album, and the song in general perfectly sets the tone for the record that follows. It’s (in my mind) about a couple who are both kind of dreamers, and them realising they need to live in reality a bit more. The chorus is probably my favourite section because I just love the lyrics about uncertainty, but I love the whole song to be honest.

Start Again- START AGAIN!!! This started off the album 2 cycle and I’m still absolutely thrilled with myself for working out the album title based on the music video. It’s a song about writer’s block that seems to have solved the issue because it’s super catchy, the lyrics are amazing and it was the absolute perfect choice for the first single.

Dayglow– oh my God Dayglow is just so stunning and I can’t even tell you how much I love it. The kick-drum chorus is so subtle yet still has a singalong vibe, and I just think the lyrics are gorgeous. I especially love the line “parallel lines since 22”, because there’s just something so lovely about it.

Young Forever– this is probably one of the songs I don’t play as often as I should, because I always forget how much I like it until I hear it all the way through, because those gorgeous instrumentals at the end are such a highlight of the album forever. It’s a very definite indie anthem too, with the chorus first structure!!

Stuck in Your Head- this is most definitely one of my top three from the album, I’m just absolutely obsessed with it. It definitely does what it says it will and sticks in your head, but it’s a bloody BRILLIANT song so one of the best earworms I’ve ever had. I love its message about not letting others get you down and focusing on yourself, and the melody is just ridiculously catchy.

Brand New– the first time I heard this was on the Instagram live the night before it was released, when Prentice played it acoustically, and I was lying in bed with tears literally streaming down my face. I think it’s a love song to someone who struggles with their mental health, and the way it wishes the other person could see through different eyes is so moving and a lovely message. My favourite part is probably the pre-chorus.

Feels Like Falling- this will come as no shock to my parents if they read this, because I have played it NONSTOP since August 20th and my whole family (and the neighbours) could quite possibly perform it by heart by now, but this is easily my favourite song on the album. It’s maybe my favourite Vistas song ever, which is a BIG DEAL, although Retrospect may just have it beat still. I’m talking like playing it 20 times on repeat sort of love here. For almost a straight month. In my head, this is a love story between someone who’s rich and someone who isn’t (this may be totally inaccurate), and despite their differences, they’re falling in love. I also get road trip vibes!! I’ve literally invented a whole plot in my head, I’m so invested I can’t even, and I also love that this song is GENUINELY funny. I love songs that make me bark like a seal while I’m singing along, and this does this at multiple points (the bit about birds singing, and that lust turn in being wrong are the main ones!!). Lyrically, I think “you say that you don’t wanna go home, to your double bed and suburban dread” is one of the sharpest, most perfect things I’ve heard because it says so much with so little, plus the change between “night” and “light” in the chorus is ridiculously clever. And musically, that guitar solo intro kills me every time. (Apparently my interpretation is way off and it’s about being on tour and that feeling, but I didn’t want to delete everything I’d already written when I found out!!)

Upside– this is pretty classic Vistas, both musically and thematically. It’s about optimism and being there for people to help them get through rough times so they can enjoy better ones. The melody is fantastic, and I love it’s message, which can be pretty much summed up with “never thought you’d make it here at all, so I’m holding out my arms if you fall”.

This Information– my take on this is that it’s about someone lying to you, although I’m not sure who (I’m sort of wondering if it’s to do with misinformation re COVID, though?). Nevertheless, I love it a lot and if you’ve ever been lied to on any level (who hasn’t experienced that?!) , you’ll find something to relate to in the lyrics. My personal favourite sections are “tell me lies, tell me lies, keep your secrets/I’m at the stage where I don’t wanna hear it” and the bit where it says :”this information, misinformation” because I just love the wordplay of it. The guitars are absolutely STELLAR as well. Although that’s just a given at this point in the review, I think!!

Tied Up– this is another very relatable one, albeit for different reasons, as it’s about getting to a point where you realise you want different things than what you’ve been working towards. It’s very emotional lyrically, but musically it’s absolute BOP and the guitars are the coolest on the whole album I think. Also, the way all the sentences kind of run into each other is such a fun lyrical choice and it gives me absolute Sentimental vibes as an added bonus.

Some Are Not Meant to Belong– god, this song. Prentice describes it as the most personal thing he’s ever written; it’s about feeling like an outsider and as if you just don’t fit in with other people. I find some of the lyrics so incredibly relatable, and I love the ballad feel it has, as well as the lead and backing vocals (the latter of which Dylan describes the highest ones he’s ever done!).

The Love That You Leave Behind– this is another one I definitely don’t listen to enough, but it’s a really lovely song about love for people remaining even when you can’t see them (which was written during lockdown, but could also apply to any long distance relationship) and it’s a lovely, chilled way to end an album that’s stolen my heart over the past month.

Some additional thoughts: it’s a rare 2nd album that comes even close to usurping the first as your favourite, but this managed it. It’s a very different album to Everything Changes, but it has the absolute essence of Vistas in it too, so if you like one, you’ll probably also love the other, as this feels like further exploration and diving deeper into themes raised in the first album. I just can’t cope with how much I love this album, the previous album, all the singles and EPs and I’m pretty sure the third album (which I’m hoping will be released next year or the year after, maybe?) will make my heart double in size again so I have room to adore it just as much.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re an absolute legend and I love you for reading all of this, thank you so much! Have you listened to this album, and if so, please tell me your favourite song from it? Are you thinking of listening after reading this? Are there any artists whose music you just connect to so deeply you can’t explain it? I’d really love to hear in the comments!

Amy xx


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