If You Liked This Book, You’ll Like this One Too! #4

Hello everybody! Today, it’s time for another round of recommending a book I think has similarities to another, aka if you like this, try this. These are so fun to write, and if you have any books you’re looking for a specific next read for, please pop it in the comments and I’ll try and include it in the next one of these. Onto the post!

Looking for a deliciously cosy fantasy similar to THE APPRENTICE WITCH by James Nicol? Look no further than EVA EVERGREEN: SEMI MAGICAL WITCH by Julie Abe!

Both of these are just absolutely delightful and the most perfect books to curl up with you’re feeling a bit rubbish (either mentally or physically). They both feature witches who haven’t quite mastered their magic (Arianwyn and Eva, respectively) going to small towns to help the people there, and I love that they’re sort of slice of magical life but also have really interesting plots, and the characters are just so lovely.

If you need another book like Holly Bourne’s PRETENDING, try Dear Emmie Blue by Lia Louis!

Okay, this might sound like an odd one, but both of these are kind of about women addressing their trauma and trying to move forward in life, while also maybe falling in love. Pretending is much more feminist and spiky and a tough read, while Emmie Blue is gentle and romantic and enveloped me wholly in its pages, but they’re both about women who’ve been dealt a really bad hand trying to build a life for themselves. I loved both utterly and won’t hear a bad word about them.

Looking for more MG sci-fi goodness like MY LIFE AS A CAT by Carlie Sorosiak? Try HOW TO BE A HUMAN by Karen McCombie

I’m not a big person for the vast majority of sci-fi books, but sometimes I really do adore them, like I did with these two. Both feature an alien coming to Earth and befriending people there, with lots of funny moments based on them not understanding how Earth and people who live there work, and they’re both such fun, quick, heartwarming reads.

Do you love the ecological themes of CROWFALL by Vashti Hardy? I highly recommend NICOLA PENFOLD, especially her latest BETWEEN SEA AND SKY

Although the actual plots and characters in these are quite different, the setting in Crowfall really reminded me of Between Sea and Sky as it’s so heavily regulated, and they’re both absolutely gripping with slight hints of political fantasy.

Looking for some funny fantasy after reading the MIDNIGHT HOUR trilogy? You need HIS ROYAL HOPELESS in your life!

I love when books combine funny with fantasy, and I kind of wish more did, even though I love basically every fantasy book ever. The Midnight Hour books made me giggle so much and so did the recently released debut His Royal Hopeless, coincidentally both published by Chicken House, so although the worlds and plots aren’t at all similar, they’re both guaranteed to transport you to another world AND make you laugh.

Thank you so much for reading! Have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned here, and if yes, what do you think of the one I’ve paired them with? If no, are you planning to pick any up? I’d really love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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Disabled book blogger who also writes TV, film, music and other posts from time to time | UKYABA Champion Teen 2018 | Email: goldenbooksgirl@gmail.com | she/her

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