The Mystery Society Presents… Our Thoughts on Kidnap in the Caribbean

Hello everybody! Today it’s time for the second installment of the Marlin Mysteries Marathon, a buddy read I’m doing with my friends Rachael and Lily.

Again, I’d like to put it out there that I’ve read this a LOT of times and I don’t know what counts as spoilery anymore to be honestly, so if you’ve not read this, it might not be the best idea to keep reading if you don’t want to know some plot details going in. Onto the post!

Reading this again was so very special for me, because this was always my favourite book in the series when I read (and reread and read again) them as a child, and I can’t imagine loving any of the other books in the series more this time either. My signed copy from the time I met Lauren at the Edinburgh Book Festival made me cry when I opened it up to start reading, and things just got even more nostalgic from there. It sees Laura, Tariq, Calvin and Skye board a luxury cruise ship for the “dream holiday” they won by buying a raffle ticket, but of course this is more of a nightmare, between some near death experiences and then Calvin disappearing from his cabin.

Like with Dead Man’s Cove, I was so impressed by how genuinely gripping this was from literally the first chapter, and the ominous little chapter endings were really quite suspenseful. The string of accidents were MUCH scarier and more life threatening than my little 10 year old brain ever realised, and I just loved them all the more for it.

Moving onto the characters, who I can’t begin to tell you how much I love, I have lots to say about characters both new and old. Laura and Tariq are so clever and kind, and I love their friendship an infinite amount, but one of the things I like best in KITC is their inclusion and support of fellow cruise passenger Jimmy Gannet. It’s the opposite of clique mentality, and I just really really loved them for how kind they were when they had no real obligation to be. Speaking of Jimmy, he is hilarious and brave and a joy, and one of my favourite characters in the whole series. His parents added so much humour to the book too!! Calvin isn’t around so much in this one sadly, but he steals my heart in every scene he is in, and I got CHILLS when he went missing. I never want to smell a chocolate peanut again, thanks.

The Straight As have much more of a presence in this book, and while it might be a little strange I have a favourite member to love to hate, it’s Janet Rain without a doubt. She’s a very scary lady and the Marine Concern scene is undoubtedly my highlight of the book. Although I will admit the pirate scene comes very close (and is one of the many reasons I refuse to set foot on a boat to this day). The Caribbean setting is just gorgeously described and so fascinating to learn more about, and it really makes you want to visit, just to warn you before you pick this up. But if that’s the only fault I can find after reading it a million times, it’s pretty clear this book is fantastic, and I can’t wait to gallop through Kentucky Thriller next month!

Thank you so much for reading! Have you read this series? Do you want to? What are some of your favourite mystery books? I’d really love to chat with you in the comments!!

Amy x

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