The Nightmare Before Christmas Book Tag

Hello everybody! Today I’m doing the Nightmare Before Christmas tag, which I found on Emma’s blog, despite the fact I’ve never actually seen this film. I’m hoping to set that right this October though!! Onto the post!

Sally – Someone Who Loves Someone a Lot and Gets Them in the End

Has to be Elliot from Dear Emmie Blue. What an absolute BABE he is, 10/10 would marry him if he wasn’t Emmie’s soulmate.

Jack – A Character That Longs for More

Alastair from Call Me Alastair comes to mind for this one. I adored that quirky, clever parrot and his quirky, clever book, as well as all the wonderful people who feature in his story.

Zero – A Side Kick

It’s got to be Oswin from the Starfell books! I love him a ludicrous amount and I’m dying for the next book so I can see my fave wee kobold again!!

Halloweentown – A Book With a Creepy Theme

It’s not a creepy book, but I guess a book with a ghost/poltergeist main character qualifies? If so, I’m shouting out Nicola Skinner’s sophomore release Storm, which is an absolute joy and delight that just confirmed for me she’s one of my favourite writers of all time.

Oogie Boogie – A Book With a Wicked Villain

Oooh I do love a good villain. A great one who I feel is very underrated is Victoria/the Bird Woman from the Circus Mirandus books by Cassie Beasley. She is such a cold-hearted, evil person.

Christmas Town – A Book That Left You Feeling Warm and Fuzzy

I’ll go a Christmas book here, and that book is Someday at Christmas by Tanya Byrne! It’s the most gorgeous, festive romance that made me laugh loads and really just lifted me up when I needed a book to do that desperately.

What’s This – A Book That Took You by Surprise

Amari and the Night Brothers is my new go to for this kind of thing because of THAT TWIST, but honourable mention goes to Secret in the Stone for the plot twists at the end!

Thank you so much for reading! Do you like this film, and if not what other Halloween films would you recommend? What do you think of the books I’ve chosen for each prompt? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x

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