Ten Books on My Winter 2021 TBR

Hello everybody! Today, I’m taking part in Top Ten Tuesday, so I can share ten books on my winter TBR, although technically I’m hoping to read all these in December. Onto the post!

Wishyouwas– this book sounds absolutely ADORABLE. It’s about a girl named Penny, who meets mouse who wants to be a Deliverer, and introduces her to the secret underground world of London’s postal system. It’s set in the 1950s which sounds like a great setting, and I’m so intrigued to learn more about the world in here because it sounds so quirky and fun and sweet.

Maya and the Return of the Godlings– the first book in this series was great, so I have such high hopes for this sequel. They’re kind of like Percy Jackson type vibes, except they focus on the orishas and a girl in the Mortal world who has a familial connection with them.

The Nevermoor series– I think hoping to read all three of these in the series in December is possibly slightly ambitious, but if I can possibly do it, I would love to, and if not I’m hoping I can at least manage it by February. I love these books so much and I absolutely can’t wait to experience the joy of them again.

Grandpa Frank’s Great Big Bucket List– this will most likely be one of my very first reads in 2022. I was lucky enough to be sent a proof, I’m a huge fan of Jenny Pearson and the biscuit that was sent with this was DELICIOUS which surely bodes well for the book’s contents. It’s about a boy helping his grandpa achieve his bucket list, and it sounds just as hilarious and heartwarming as Jenny’s other books.

Eva Evergreen and the Cursed Witch– I loved the first book in the series back in Septemberish time, and I’m so excited to pick this up. It’ll most likely be one of my first 2022 reads, and it comes highly recommend from Lily, so I will almost certainly love it!

The Secret of Haven Point– this is my most anticipated debut of 2022, so I’m hoping to pick it up as soon as I can after it’s released. It’s the first book I’ve ever seen with an all-disabled cast and I just think it’s going to be brilliant and important and perfect.

The Supreme LieRachael recommended this to me and I bought it pretty much straight away, so I’d like to get it read before the end of the year if possible. Apparently there are excellent dogs in it who even narrate parts of the book, and I’m very here for that, so hopefully I’ll enjoy it.

The Winter Cottage– this was a present for my birthday, and I’m a huge fan of Rachael Lucas, so I’m really looking forward to picking it up while I’m off uni for Christmas. I remember reading Finding Hope at Hillside Farm just before Christmas a couple of years ago and it was just so lovely, so I’m hoping to have a similar experience with her gorgeous new release, which is her first self published title since Sealed With a Kiss, and also the start of a new series.

This Time Next Year– I can’t actually remember a huge deal about this, but I’m pretty sure it’s a romance about two people who were born on New Year’s Eve. It sounds super cute and I love the cover, not least because I think it would make a fab Instagram photo for New Year’s (assuming I’m right about the plot, which I may not be)

The Twyford Code– this is one that I’ll be reading in January, basically right after it comes out, because the Appeal was one of my highlights of 2021 and I cannot WAIT to read the author’s sophomore book. The plot sounds fascinating and I’m excited to see what style it’s written in, because the mixed media format of the Appeal was so clever as well as hugely fun.

Thank you so much for reading!! What are you hoping to read this December/winter? Do you have any thoughts on the books on my list? I’d really love to chat with you in the comments!

Amy xx


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