Guest Post: Explaining my Christmas Decorations by Julia Tuffs

Hello everybody! Today, I’m very excited to have a guest post from 2021 debut author Julia Tuffs, who wrote one of my favourite YA books I’ve read all year. Onto the post!

I absolutely love Christmas! I always petition to get our tree up super early – around November time – but never succeed. When I was growing up decorating the tree was always a big deal – we’d have sausage rolls and lots of the good snacks we weren’t usually allowed, my parents would have a sherry and we’d blast the Christmas music. My sister and I would hang all the decorations on and it really felt like the start of Christmas. I loved all the decorations we had – the really quite rubbish ones we’d made at school, ones from friends, the precious sparkly ones and ones that my parents had bought before we were around. They all had sentimental value and getting them out every year felt really special, which is how I feel about the decorations I’ve accrued now. Here are some of my favourites.


I LOVE this decoration. I think it’s probably my all time favourite. There’s no particularly special story behind – I saw it come up on an advert and just knew I had to have it immediately. I’ve got two boys so every year when we put it out they end up getting a mini lecture from me about what it means to be a feminist and why it’s so important – poor things! Now that Hexed is out in the world, it’s also the perfect decoration for a photo op!

Crazy Goldfish

Every year we let the boys choose a decoration each and this one was chosen last year by my youngest. I love how strange and not particularly Christmassy is. It’s a brilliant reflection of my son’s weird and wonderful taste too.

Home Alone

A friend of mine was living in New York a few years ago and sent me this one. Along with Elf, Home Alone is our favourite Christmas movie – my kids will happily watch it on repeat and laugh so hard at all the jokes it makes me laugh even more. I love how this decoration is a bit different, and totally the most iconic shot from the film. 


My sister and I buy each other a Christmas decoration every year. She lives in Devon so we normally just post them to each other, but this year we tried what I hope will become a new tradition – she came up for the weekend and we went to the Christmas shop at Liberty where we split up to go and choose the decoration and then gave them to each other over dinner. She chose this one for me because I have a thing about butterflies – it sounds a bit woo-woo, but I chose them as my sign from the Universe (that’s a whole other post!) – so now I look for them everywhere. I love how big and bold this one is.


Ah, Bob! So, last Christmas, as was the case for so many people, we had all our plans cancelled and ended up having Christmas on our own. In an effort to cheer ourselves up, we went all out on the Christmas decorations – I bought garlands for the mantlepieces, glowing Santas and about a thousand fairy lights. I also bought this stag candle holder who we now call Bob. He was ridiculously expensive and he doesn’t really fit anywhere, but we love him and it felt quite emotional getting him out this year – I reminder of how tough the last year has been and how lucky we are to be able to see family this year. 

Thank you so much for reading! Which is your favourite of Julia’s decorations? Do you have any on your tree you have particularly special meanings attached to? I’d love to chat with you in the comments!

Amy xx

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