Some Films I Watched Over the Festive Season!

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be chatting about some films I’ve watched in the last couple of months, just because I fancy sharing some thoughts on them and I like doing film/TV posts even though they’re much more sporadic than book or music ones. These are only films that I’ve not seen/talked about before, as I did also rewatch some of my fave seasonal films. Onto the post!

The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again– I watched the first film but just didn’t get to this last year as I wasn’t really watching many films at the time, but I wanted to catch up this year and I’m glad I managed to. These films are not difficult watching and they’re really rather silly, but they’re tremendously fun and Vanessa Hudgens does such a good playing 3 different characters in this one. I actually especially loved the addition of Fiona!! Also, Sam Palladio is in them with his real accent, which is an incentive to watch it in itself (yes, I did used to be a total Nashville fangirl and yes Gunnar was one of my faves, second only to Avery really!! If you’ve never seen Nashville this will make literally no sense to you and I’m sorry!! 😂)

Little Women– okay, so this one has nothing to do with Christmas but I did watch it either in late November or early December and I figured it should count. I don’t think anyone really needs a synopsis but if you do want one: I’d say it’s about the lives and loves of four sisters. A really beautiful, timeless story that felt very feminist despite the historical setting, and I thought all the actors involved were amazing. I’d really like to read the book someday but we’ll see if it happens!

Single All the Way– this was the gay Christmas romcom of my dreams, and I absolutely bloody loved it. It’s about two gay men who are best friends who are aiming to convince one of their families that they’ve become a couple. The aunt character honestly felt a bit surplus and she made me lowkey uncomfortable, but I LOVED our two leads, the nieces brought me joy and the family dynamic in general was delightful. And it’s got friends to lovers/fake dating in terms of tropes, so it’s very much my **vibe**.

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star– this is very similar to the Princess Switch 2 so I don’t have that much to say other than I loved the Spotlight on Fiona and her love story in this one, as well as learning more of her backstory! Are we getting 4 Vanessa Hudgens in the 4th movie? I’m intrigued.

Encanto– I know I’m the unpopular opinion here so I am sorry to all the Encanto stans out there, but on first viewing, this just did absolutely nothing for me (or my parents, who I watched it with). I loved the concept and the animation was as stunning as you’d expect from Disney, but the plot and the execution just left me cold. While I’ll admit the songs were catchy, but again, I just didn’t feel they were as high quality as most Disney songs, including ones composed by Lin Manuel Miranda that I love. I’ll probably rewatch in the hope it grows on me though, all that said.

Christmas Around the Corner– I’ve wanted to watch this since Jennifer recommended it in a guest post she did for me in 2020, but haven’t been able to find it until this year. But WOW was it worth the wait. I love Alexandra Breckenridge in my fave show This Is Us so I obviously adored her in this too, in which she plays a woman who goes on holiday where she gets to run a Bookshop and she obviously falls in love and it’s just so cute and small town and fun.

A Boy Called Christmas– this one was cute, and I did enjoy the worldbuilding and seeing Sally Hawkins from Paddington as a villain was good fun. And I mean, Dame Maggie Smith is a living legend and I love her. But while the CGI mouse was adorable, did Stephen Merchant REALLY need to voice him?! If the mouse had a cuter voice, the film would have been better, I’m just saying 🤷‍♀️

LoveHard– I am going to preface this by saying I do not condone cat fishing in real life. However, I did really love this film and I think it did a very plausible job of making the hero sympathetic despite his initial deception. I loved seeing Nina Dobrev in such a likeable role (I mean, let’s be honest, Elena was WHINY, although her performance as Katharine did make me a fan in TVD too), the hero is very different and so sweet and the altered Baby It’s Cold Outside… I don’t have words. I personally think that song is flirty banter anyway but this version made it even more so and it was still sexy and fun and had none of the cringe factor of the Kelly Clarkson/John Legend version.

A Castle for Christmas– right, I know everyone thought this was so bad it was almost good but I hated it. So. Much. The leads had about as much chemistry as a biology lesson, the Scottish accents actually hurt my ears and it was just overall a Very Bad Time.

HoliDate– I’m cheating slightly here because I actually watched this last year as well, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t talk about it so it’s in here anyway. I LOVE this film. I think it’s absolutely hilarious, I love that it spans such a long time period and isn’t just about Christmas even though it’s semi classed as a Christmas film, and the chemistry between the leads is *chef’s kiss* from the moment they meet.

Thank you so much for reading! Which films have you seen recently? Do you like or want to see any of the ones I’ve mentioned? I’d love to chat with you in the comments!

Amy xx


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  1. I have to admit that as we dont have TV we didnt see any terrestial movies. Our streamig was quite basic also, with catching up on The Expanse. We have read A Boy called Christmas and loved it! Now I can approve of Little Women, and must rewatch that IF I can find it on a streaming service 🙂

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