Reviews: Witchy Business!

Hello everybody! Today, I have a little mini review post for you, because my friend Asha is running a readathon called Februwitchy and I wanted to read some witchy books in its honour, and all of that were released in February as well, which pleases me greatly. Onto the post!

Like a Charm by Elle McNicoll (recieved from the publisher in exchange for my honest review)

I am a massive Elle McNicoll fangirl so I was absolutely thrilled when a copy of this came through my letterbox, and even more excited to get to it after I attended the virtual launch for the book, which was just a joyous event. This is a book about magic and a magical family and them helping the Hidden Folk stay safe from the Sirens, but also a book about disability and friendship and the city of Edinburgh. Now, Elle said at that event “I don’t think anyone would DARE bully Ramya” and I was instantly even more desperate to meet her. And she somehow EXCEEDED my sky high expectations. She is an absolute queen and I love how confident she is despite the world telling her she should be ashamed of her dyspraxia and its impact on her life. I wish I was a bit more like her, and while I’d be slightly nervous, I would love to meet her and make her my friend. Marley, her cousin, is just a darling and I loved him, and my other favourite character was Opal, who there is a lot more to than Ramya initially thinks. The magic and underground magical community are so well crafted and the Sirens are terrifying villains, who feel very much like people you could encounter in the real world given their duplicity and desire to spread hatred. This says some really important things about neurodivergence and disability, and it’s also just the most fun, fabulously fashionable fantasy you could imagine. I am so, so excited already for the second in this duology and whatever else Elle wants to write in the future because I think it’s fair to say at this point that I’m going to be a lifelong fan.

A Storm of Sisters by Michelle Harrison

Full disclosure here, this is more of a ghostly adventure for the Widdershins than a witchy one, but there is a witchy VIBE and this is my blog and I really wanted to read it, so please don’t @ me. It sees the trio of sisters and their Granny travel to wintry Wilderness, to look after an ill family member, and they quickly become caught up in unravelling a decades-old ghostly mystery involving a highway robber and their lost love, and a mystical crystal ball that’s been missing for forty years. I love the Widdershins sisters, and they’re on fine form on this adventure; Charlie’s cheeky little comments made me giggle so much, Betty is such a capable and clever heroine, and hopeless romantic Fliss is wonderful too. I loved side characters Sonny and Bonbon in this one too, and cousin Clarissa added a lot of humour. The story within a story- a trademark of Michelle Harrison’s writing- is used to absolutely brilliant effect here, and I was so invested in Elora and Robin’s story. The writing makes the setting feel so atmospheric and this book is perfect for these last few weeks of winter, because it’s very much themed around winter and stormy weather, much like what we’ve been having these last few weeks. I’m not sure if the Widdershins will appear in more books but I will absolutely be reading them if they do! And if not, I will be eagerly awaiting news of what Michelle is releasing next.

Diary of an Accidental Witch: Flying High by Perdita and Honor Cargill, illustrated by Katie Saunders (recieved from the publisher in exchange for my honest review)

I really enjoyed the first book in this younger middle grade series, so I’ve been looking forward to picking up the second, which is themed around a wintry, witchy sports day and follows our main character Bea as she tries to prepare for this while also navigating having both friendships with other witches and her “ordinary” next door neighbour Ash, who feels like she’s abandoned him a bit. Bea is such a great main character- she is very much not a natural witch but she tries so hard and she’s so kind to the people around her, and I love her friendships, but also her rivalry with Blair Smith-Smythe and her relationship with Stan the class frog (who kind of reminds me of Pascal from Tangled, who I LOVE). These are very gentle and lovely anc super comforting, particularly as the humour is so great and I love that it’s set at a witch school. The confusion around human customs is one of the funniest things, but I also laughed a lot at the mishaps poor Bea accidentally found herself getting into, such as the disastrous bun fight in this book. I am distinctly not a sporty person, but this is easily my favourite sports day I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to see what Bea and all her friends get up to in book 3!

Thank you so much for reading! Which witchy books would you recommend? Have you read or do you want to read the three I’ve included here? I’d love to chat with you in the comments!

Amy xx


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10 thoughts on “Reviews: Witchy Business!”

  1. I had the distinct pleasure of reading the Storm of Sisters book for NetGalley, and won a copy too, as you now. Brilliant book and love your review. Now who couldn’t be impressed with Elle’s work? Like a Charm I have just started, and loving the feel of it straight away. The Flying High book is one that sounds just up my, er street, via broomstick!
    Great reviews all round of three very special books by gifted writers! ❤️⭐️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! I really enjoyed all of them too, there was a fourth book I sadly didn’t get to in time but I’m really excited to get to and review it when I can because I love witchy books as a general rule 😊
      I hope you love the rest of Like a Charm, and congratulations on winning Michelle’s competition! X


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