Eight Books with Amazing Female Friendships

Hello everybody! So, I was part of a blog tour on actual international women’s day but I didn’t want to let the occasion pass without some sort of blog post, so while it’s no longer IWD I I hope you’ll still enjoy this post about some of my favourite female friendships in books. Onto the post!

Addie and Audrey from A Kind of Spark- let’s start off with some wholesome MG ones. I just love Addie and Audrey’s friendship in this book and how they band together to campaign for a witch trial memorial in their small Scottish town Juniper. I especially love that Audrey is a real ally to Addie in terms of the prejudice she faces because she is autistic.

Ursula and Genie from the Explorers series– god, I love these girls. They’ve both not really had a lot of experience of friendship in the past because people are horrible sometimes, basically, but they find a kindred spirit in each other and I just love them and the way the books explore them navigating this thing that’s very new to them.

Melissa and Kelly from Melissa– I felt it was important to make sure there was some trans rep on this list in light of some of the awful things I’ve seen being said recently, because trans women are women, end of story. Kelly is completely supportive of Melissa when she makes her true gender clear and is very supportive and gives her opportunities to be her true self when her family isn’t really allowing her to do that yet.

Hazel and Daisy from the Murder Most Unladylike– if you weren’t expecting this one, this is clearly the first post of mine you’ve read. I’m not shy about how much I love these girls and their complex, messy, devoted friendship borne out of their love of solving mysteries together.

Jessie, Tabitha and Summer from Hexed– Hexed was one of my absolute favourite YA books last year, and this friendship is a huge part of the reason why. Give me badass women coming together to fight sexism any day of the week and I will be so here for it. I’m excited to see if Libby becomes part of the group more in book 2 as well!!

Evie, Amber and Lottie from the Spinster Club trilogy– I mean, I’ve already shouted out this series on Insta this week because these are the books that get the credit for opening my eyes to what feminism is and I’ll forever be grateful for that. The Spinster Club themselves have such a close bond and sense of justice, and I love them so much ❀

Caddy, Rosie and Suze from Beautiful Broken Things/Fierce Fragile Hearts– this is just one of the most iconic book friendships ever right, I don’t make the rules. I think this is one of the first books if ever read in YA that was more focused on friendship. There is also complex PTSD rep and discussions of abuse and I really want to reread them now I’m a bit older. Also, I have been bugging Sara for a Rosie book for years and she’s finally written one, due out in the summer, so that’s cool.

Evie and Suzie from Last Night– okay, so slight spoiler here but Suzie dies very early on in the book and the whole book , while it is also a romance, is about Evie processing that grief and the loss of this hugely important friendship in her life. It made me message one of my friends and say “hi, don’t die please xx” because the way this book explores this relationship is so raw and beautiful and complicated and compelling. I’m totally not crying again writing about it πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

Thank you so much for reading!! Who are some of your favourite female friendships in fiction, whether that’s in books or elsewhere? Do you agree with any of the one on my list? I’d really love to chat with you in the comments!

Amy xx


Author: goldenbooksgirl

Disabled book blogger who also writes TV, film, music and other posts from time to time | UKYABA Champion Teen 2018 | Email: goldenbooksgirl@gmail.com | she/her

4 thoughts on “Eight Books with Amazing Female Friendships”

  1. Now isnt it strange. I hoped you would include KoS in there, but my favourites are Addie/Keedie, sisters. Whilst Audrey’s was good, I think there was more depth to Keedie, and more to be discovered about the sacrifices she had made and the stress she was under that Addie and the family, and we didnt know about. Both, however, were equally as important for different reasons.
    I mean, who couldnt love Hazel and Daisy. What a pair! What a relationship. So cleverly written as a voyage of discovery of both friendships and relationships for the protagonists and readers. Hopefully the next series will be equally as powerful for readers of all genders. Excellent selection and post.


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