My Thoughts On the Films I’ve Watched in 2022 (so far!)

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be chatting about all the new-to-me films I’ve seen so far in 2022, most of which were animated but I do also have a romcom to chat about and the next one will hopefully be a bit more varied. Onto the post!

The Hating Game– I loved the book of this SO MUCH when I read it at the start of 2021, and all the way through I pictured the main character as Lucy Hale, so I was pretty much just fated to love the adaptation as well. I love the Lucy/Josh enemies to lovers relationship and the actors did such a good job of translating their chemistry to screen. This was just the absolute best time and it made me feel less sad and single around Valentine’s Day, which is always a plus!

Turning Red– as you might know if you follow me on socials, I’m basically the world’s biggest fan of Grey’s Anatomy, and Cristina Yang is one of my most favourite fictional characters in the world. And Sandra Oh is in this, so of course I wanted to see it. I actually think her voice work is incredible and it’s a testament to her skill that she can portray such an entirely different character (in this, her character is the main characters very overproduction mum!). I also love the quirky humour and the dedication to young female characters who love boybands and feel very awkward about stuff and just want to be silly and have fun together. And yay for honest, open discussion of periods too!!

The Mitchells Vs the Machines – I did not have particularly high hopes for this, but do you know, I actually kind of loved it. It’s a film about technology taking over the world , and a family who really are not the typical chosen ones being the only people left who can save everyone. It’s very funny and I love the family dynamics, and YAY for incidental LGBTQ+ rep. We absolutely love to see it!! Also, Olivia Colman absolutely killed it in her role as the villain.

Encanto (UPDATE)- okay, so I originally watched this on Christmas Eve and I typically don’t mention rewatches, however this was a completely different experience. I really didn’t enjoy this back in December, but I had a lot of fun the second time round and I will admit most of the songs are pretty catchy. Moral of the story here is that you should not watch new things when you feel so ill you wouldn’t be surprised if you were dying, because you will not appreciate them properly. I maintain that abuela didn’t deserve to be forgiven so fast though.

The Bad Guys– this is a super fun film, about a notorious group of con artists being forced try and go good. It’s really silly and funny and I love the concept, which reminded me a bit of Zootropolis (one of my fave Disney films!). I especially liked the Wolf and Awkafina’s spider character, and I also really loved the mayor and the villain.

Thank you so much for reading! Which movies have you watched so far this year? Do we have any in common, or do you have one I’ve not seen that you’d like to recommend? I’d love to chat in the comments!

Amy xx


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