May 2022 Releases I Can’t Wait to Read

Hello everybody! Today, I have an absolute bumper-length anticipated releases post for you, so get comfy and settled in, and then we’ll get onto the post!


Embarrassing admission time, folks, I had a couple of late April releases on my list for May and as such, they weren’t on my April most anticipated list. So instead, I’m going to tell you about them here before we get onto the May ones.

Day of the Whale– this is about, I believe anyway, a utopian world ruled by whales, and I’ve heard SO MANY incredible things about it already from very early readers that I’m convinced I’ll love it.

Witchlings– this came out last month in America and apparently is coming out this month here?? But I’m very unsure about the whole thing. Nonetheless, if it’s a book about magic boarding school, you’d better believe I’ll be reading it!! Everything I’ve heard about it has ,e absolutely convinced it’ll be a fave for me.

Twelve Days in May– in my defense, I think I got confused with this one because it’s literally got May in the title. It’s a romcom set at Cannes Film Festival, I believe, and it’s getting absolutely stellar reviews. The title is also the reason I am very determined to actually get to it in the month of May! (Note: by the time you read this there’s a very good chance I’ll have already read it as it seems the perfect book with which to kick off my May reading)

MAY RELEASES (please god don’t let me forget any this time…)

The Map of Leaves– again, I’ll probably have finished this by the time you read this post. It’s described as being a fantasy with themes of nature, and I’m just really excited to learn more about it.

The Poisoned Pie Mystery– this is the second book following Nightshade the cat, who I’ve loved since the Last Chance Hotel, so I just already know I’ll have a great time reading this too!

Sister to a Star- again, I’ll hopefully have finished this by the time you’re reading, but right now I haven’t started. So, it’s about twin sisters, and one is an actress and the other is her stunt double, and then one of them goes missing and chaos ensues. I think it’ll be a LOT of fun!

The Secret Wild– I’m actually struggling to tell if this is contemporary or fabulism from the synopsis, but either way I’m very excited to get to it. It has themes of nature and how important it is, amidst a girl struggling with complicated life stuff.

Legendarium– this is the sequel to the FANTASTIC book Wonderscape, which I really liked, so I’m picking it up based on that really and I think it’ll be a good time! The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks- autistic girls who can talk to animals mixed with a boarding school story? You bet I’m beyond here for that!! I actually cannot WAIT to read it.

The Colour of Hope– I’m going to level with you that I know nothing about the plot of this, but it is by Ross Mackenzie who is just an autoread author for me at this point, so I’ve got a copy preordered.

The Unmorrow Curse– this is a fantasy adventure about two friends who must go on a journey to find ancient Runes connected to Norse mythology, in order to stop the world permanently reliving the same Saturday over and over.

The Wondrous Prune– this is about a girl whose drawings come to life, I think, which I just love as a concept and I think I’ll have a really good time with this one. The cover is so, so gorgeous as well, I’m obsessed with it.

The Good Turn– this is the new mystery from the author of the Nik and Norva books, and while the synopsis is quite vague, it sounds a lot like something I’ll enjoy and I’m excited to read it!

Magicborn– this is another fantasy set in the 1700s, so I’m assuming it’s got some kind of link to the witch trials given it mentions magicborn people being persecuted. I really liked some of the Cogheart books (I haven’t read the last one!) so I’m interested to try the author’s new series!

We Are the Song– and now, for a little interlude of American books I will have to import because I want to read them very badly and no UK publishers have stepped forward to acquire them. This is a fantasy about music and I love Cat’s insta so much and I just think this book and I shall be great pals. I cannot wait ❤

The Prince of Nowhere– honestly I know next to nothing about the plot of this, I just saw the cover and thought it looked cool and immediately decided to read it based on *vibes and vibes alone*

The Civil War of Amos Abernathy– this is a contemporary about a boy who likes reenacting the civil war and I believe he’s also kind of figuring out his sexuality. We love to see more LGBTQ+ rep in middle grade 🙌🙌

Lia Park and the Missing Jewel– this is based on Korean mythology, and about a girl who has to journey into the undersea kingdom of the dragon king to save her abducted parents. I love learning about myths and cultures I know barely anything about, and this just sounds very much my thing.

The Marvellers– this is about a magic school in the clouds. If you know me, you get why that’s basically all I need to say here. If not, I have A Thing about clouds because of one of my favourite records, and I just think they’re so special and incredible and honestly kind of magic, so a book where they are actually magic??? Inject it into my veins IMMEDIATELY.

Ready or Not– this is another one I’m hoping to have read by the time you’ll see this. At the moment all I know is it’s about a group of family friends who go on holiday together every year, and what happens when one of their number goes missing during a game of hide and seek.

Rebel Skies– this is like a fantasy world where origami is involved,which sounds really original and interesting, so I’m looking forward to it!

Twin Crowns– this is being described as like a Disney film but a YA book, so I’m all over that and I will most likely have no choice but to absolutely stan. It helps that both co-authors are people I’ve given 5 stars to in the past as well, they’re SO TALENTED! I’ll hopefully be reading it this weekend.

You, Me and Our Heartstrings– this is a YA romance with disabled main characters. These simply barely exist, and it SUCKS, and while my beliefs come from lots of places I’m pretty sure I’d be less convinced I’d die alone because no one will ever loveme if we had more disabled rep in books where people get to have a happy ever after (or at the very least, a happy for now).

Gay Club!- of course the new Simon James Green book is on here. I adore him, I adore his writing, I cannot wait to read his most unapologetically queer book yet after the horrible recent events where he was banned from speaking at a Catholic school. I’m probably going to save it for pride month just to fully enjoy the vibes!!

Ellie Pillai is Brown- I have had a proof I won of this for simply ages and I feel very bad I’ve not yet got to it, but I’m excited to read it whenever I do. It’s a YA contemporary about music and being in love, and I think it’ll be a delight.

I Kissed Shara Wheeler– this is female/female ya romance mixed with mystery, because our main character kisses Shara Wheeler and then she goes missing, and the hunt to find her ensues. I’m obsessed with the tagine and I’m just buzzing to read it.

Never Been Kissed– I do not read much NA, as you might know, but this m/m romance about people working at cinema sounds very much up my alley!! Duckling- this sounds really uplifting and lovely, even though the blurb makes it sound thrillery! It’s about a woman who is babysitting her neighbour’s child, and then the neigbour just never returns to collect them.

Queerly Beloved– this is an adult, female/female romance about a professional bridesmaid in small town America falling in love with an engineer. Yes, I did decide I want to read it based solely on the title, if you’re wondering, but I also get such good vibes from the synopsis.

A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting– okay, there is a STORY behind this one and it’s cute so I’m telling it. Sophie Irwin (the author) followed me on Instagram, so I went to look at her profile before I accepted her and her bio made me laugh SO MUCH I went and preordered her book as well as following her back. Oh, and it’s adult historical romance if you were wondering.

Book Lovers– I’ve enjoyed Emily Henry’s books so far, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get along just fine with this bookish, small-town romance too!

One Night With You– again, I’ve really liked all of Laura Jane Williams’ previous books, so I can’t see why I wouldn’t enjoy this one as well! I think it’s about a one-night stand that turns into something more, against all the odds.

Suddenly that Summer– Lizzie Byron wrote one of my most favourite books EVER (Someday at Christmas), so to have a summer romcom from her is just the DREAM, to be honest. I don’t even know what it’s about!! I literally preordered it before there was even a proper synopsis or cover!! I’m utterly convinced I’ll adore it so prepare to hear this title a lot.

The Wedding Season– Katy Birchall also wrote one of my fave romcoms of all time! This one is about a woman who gets dumped and then has to attend a whole bunch of weddings she’s already committed to over a short space of time. If it’s half as good as the Secret Bridesmaid, I will be an extremely happy gal when I get my hands on it.

... deep breath, WOW SO MANY BOOKS! Thank you so much for reading if you’ve made it to the end of this marathon post! Are you planning to pick any of these up? Which books are on your most anticipated list this month? I’d love to chat in the comments!

Amy xx


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3 thoughts on “May 2022 Releases I Can’t Wait to Read”

  1. Haha, so glad to read that about The Secret Wild – there was A LOT of inner deliberation about whether this should go on the contemporary or magical6
    /fantasy 9-12 table!
    Do you think I’d like Wonderscape? It passed me by and I always wonder if I should go back and try it!
    I’m in two minds about Twin Crowns as well. It does not sound or look like my thing… but IT’S CAT DOYLE! I’m so conflicted.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do think you’d like Wonderscape, lots of focus on historical figures and the world is so cool! I’m hoping to read Twin Crowns this weekend so I’ll report back, although I have to say my gut reaction is no you wouldn’t like it cause I’ve heard it’s v romantic 🤣 x

      Liked by 1 person

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