The Contradictions Book Tag

Hello everybody ! Today, I have a fun little tag to share with you, which I found on Aoife’s channel, and which was created by Daniela. Onto the post!

1) I love this genre but I didn’t like this book

I love romance books but I really didn’t enjoy the Summer Job, so let’s go for that.

2) I rarely read this genre but I loved this book

I don’t read very much dystopian fiction, but I’m a huge fan of Nicola Penfold, and she’s probably my only autobuy author in the genre really.

3) I love this trope but I didn’t like this book

Big fan of fake dating, sadly did not vibe with the Unhoneymooners.

4) I hate this trope but I loved this book

My most hated tropes are all when people have poor disability rep, so there aren’t really any instances when I love a book with them. Ummmm, please accept my second choice answer that I typically don’t LOVE friends to lovers that much but I think You and Me on Vacation is great.

5) I love this author but I didn’t like this book

I’m a huge fan of Polly Ho-Yen, generally speaking, but I think I gave Where Monsters Lie 2 stars. I just didn’t gel with it, I think she’s a genius based on all her others though so please don’t anyone come for me!!

6) I previously disliked a book by this author but I loved this book

I didn’t love Cerrie Burnell’s first couple middle grades, but I thought Wilder Than Midnight was absolutely fantastic.

7) I love this cover but I didn’t like this book

I’m going to go for I Heart New York (I swear I do actually read things that aren’t romance, I just have a limited pool of things where I wasn’t that fussed AND loved the cover, okay 😭😭)

8) I don’t like this cover but I loved this book

The Babysitters Club books have well creepy covers, I’m not a fan (and for the record that applies to both UK and US editions, I own both). But the books themselves were my absolute obsession; I still pick them up as comfort reads sometimes to this day.

Thank you so much for reading! What would some of your bookish contradictions be? Do you have any thoughts on the books I’ve mentioned? I’d love to chat with you in the comments!

Amy xx


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