Blog Tour Review: Spellstoppers by Cat Gray

Hello everybody! Today, I’m bringing you another blog tour post, this time my review for Cat Gray’s wonderful MG fantasy debut, Spellstoppers. Onto the post!

I’ve been excited for Cat Gray’s debut since it was announced, as you might know if you read my 2022 debut spotlight series that happened over a couple of months earlier in the year, so I was delighted to finally get my hands on a copy and even more delighted to be involved in the blog tour. It is the story of a boy named Max, who believes he is cursed because every time he touches electric devices, he is electrocuted and the device goes completely dead.

However, he soon discovers that he is in fact a rare magical being called a spellstopper, who has the power to fix magical objects and even remove magic from them entirely. He then moves to the secluded seaside town of Yowling to learn his craft from his estranged grandfather, but the keeper of the local enchanted Castle is oppressing the people of Yowling and Max decides he needs to stop her.

Max is a quintessential kind of fantasy protagonist, and I loved seeing him grow in confidence as he began to master his power, with the help of both his grandpa Bram (a very eccentric but noble and lovable man, who gives his dogs brilliant names!) and his friend Kit, who is part of a selkie family but can’t transform herself, so is going through some of the same kind of feelings that Max is. Leandra is one of the best villains I’ve read this year; she was genuinely sinister and her pack of villainous owls had me completely on edge. I also need to talk about the setting because it is AMAZING. The blurb promises us psychic ice cream and when I got to that part of this, it genuinely made me so happy because I want nothing more than to visit Omar’s van and it just gave me the absolute best vibes. Thank you Cat, for coming up with this brilliant invention!! Some other highlights included the cliffs, Pearl’s shop and also, of course, the castle is creepy and magical and so, so sinister.

If you’re a fan of writers like James Nicol, Stephanie Burgis or Julie Abe, I think this will really appeal to you, because it has those same cosy, comforting vibes as well as a gripping plot and some danger. There’s a little snippet of Cat’s next book included at the end of this one, and I for one, absolutely cannot wait already to go adventuring with Pip next year. That said, I do also hope to one day see a sequel for this!

Thank you so much for reading!! Are you planning to pick this up? What do you think your ideal ice cream combo would be, in honour of Omar’s van? I’d love to have a chat in the comments!

Amy xx

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