August 2022 Releases I’m Excited to Read!

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be chatting about all the amazing books coming out this month that I’m planning to pick up at some point. Onto the post!

Alice Éclair, Spy Extrordinaire– I haven’t actually read anything by Sarah Todd Taylor yet (although I do want to read the Max series too, especially as she is soooo lovely on socials and we all know I’m a sucker for an animal story), so I thought her new release about a child spy/baker in Paris would be the perfect place to get started. I think it’ll be a really lovely, cosy mystery to curl up with one morning/afternoon/evening (hopefully soon!)

Ghostly Getaway– this is the third book in the amazing Diary of an Accidental Witch series, and it sees the Little Spellshire witches going on a school trip. I’m sure it’ll be just as cosy and funny and lovely as the two books before it, I can’t wait to see all the characters again! (Even Blair Smith-Smythe!)

My Dad is Definitely Not a Crime Lord- I’ve not read any Ben Davis yet but he’s sooooo funny on socials and I’m planning to read all his books as a result. This one is about a boy who has to go into witness protection because his dad is testifying again the gang he was on. The Accidental Stowaway- I’ve really enjoyed both of Judith’s previous mystery-adventure books, so of course I’m planning to pick up her 3rd one! It’s set in 1910, and follows a girl stowing away on a ship and trying to unravel a mystery before it reaches New York.

Ember Shadows and the Fates of Mount Never– by the time this goes up, I’ll definitely have read this, but I wanted to include it here as I haven’t yet. It sounds like a cosy fantasy kind of vibe, in the vein of things like Starfell, and I love the idea of it exploring fate and destiny. I can never decide whether I believe in them or not!

The Impossible Girl– I’m honestly not very clear on the details of this plot, because the blurb is a bit confusing, but it sounds like a really interesting world so that makes me want to pick it up anyway!

Alliana, Girl of Dragons– I’m obsessed with Julie Abe, if you’re new around here and don’t know that! This is a Japanese twist on a Cinderella story and a prequel to the Eva Evergreen books, focusing on future queen Alliana.

Lark and the Wild Hunt– I recently read Orla and the Wild Hunt, and loved it, so when I saw another book by another author I’ve been meaning to try for ages about a girl facing it, it obviously had to go on my list. I need to try and read the Last Windwitch soon too!

Hummingbird– this month’s recurring theme seems to be author’s I’ve wanted to read for ages and just haven’t yet, because Natalie Lloyd is another. This is a book about a girl with brittle bone disease going on an adventure to try and find an amazing magical hummingbird.

Ravenfall– this is about a magical B and B and one of the Halloweentown, so I quite obviously have to read it!! I’ll probably save it for October, because I’m hoping to have some Halloweenish reviews again this year.

A Taste of Magic– this is about a girl who is amazing at baking who then discovers she’s a witch, and it just sounds like the most perfect urban fantasy with some contemporary vibes too. I absolutely can’t wait to read it!!

The Eternal Return of Clara Hart– this is Louise Finch’s debut and it’s a timeloop story with themes of consent and toxic masculinity. I think it’s going to be BRILLIANT, and Louise is super lovely online so I’m very excited her book is coming out!

Daughter of Darkness– this is the new book from the wonderful Corr sisters Katharine and Elizabeth, and their new series is inspired by ancient Greece. I’d read anything they wrote, but I think this’ll be especially brilliant!

The Charmed List– I’ve seen people say this was released last month but other sites say this month, so honestly I don’t know anymore. I love Julie Abe, so here I am talking about it regardless. This is her first YA book and it’s cosy, fantasy romance vibes. Sign me up!!

The Nicest Girl– this is a YA book about a girl who’s sick of being a people pleaser, and as the world’s biggest people pleaser I absolutely cannot wait to read it!! I think it’s going to be sooooo fun.

The Fixer Upper– I swear I didn’t do it on purpose, but the placing of this list is quite apt because this is kind of like an adult romance with the vibes of the Nicest Girl. It’s about a woman who compulsively tries to “fix” the men she dates and the company she starts as a result of that. I think it’ll be a lot of fun, but also have some really interesting feminist discussions!

Carrie Soto is Back– I love Taylor Jenkins Reid, like basically everyone else on the planet. It’s about an amazing tennis pro coming out of retirement to defend her world record, and I’m sure it’ll be yet another masterpiece.

Love on the Brain– this is the new Ali Hazelwood and I really enjoyed the Love Hypothesis earlier this year so it just makes sense to pick this one up too! It’s got another academic setting and I want to say it’s enemies to lovers?

The It Girl– I’ve loved Ruth Ware’s last couple of books, so her new one went straight on my list! I have no clue about the plot if I’m honest, except I know it’s about solving a historical murder from 10 years ago.

Last Time We Met– this is a second chance romance, friends to lovers about two people coming back together after a long time apart. I’m hoping it’ll be similar to Twelve Days in May, plus the blurb comps it to Mhairi McFarlane who’s one of my very favourite romance authors.

Skip to the End– this is a romcom kinda vibe but with SUCH a cool concept: it’s about a woman named Amy who has this power (or Curse?) To be able to see the end of a relationship as soon as she kisses someone. She meets someone at a wedding and DOESN’T have this for the first time ever, but the only problem is she kissed 3 people and she doesn’t know who the one is…

The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches– this is about a witch, as she starts a new job training younger witches in a spooky old house, and I think it’s like a fantasy romance type thing? It sounds so fun and the cover is gorgeous.

Thank you so much for reading!! Which August releases are you most excited for? What are your thoughts on my list? I’d love to chat in the comments about books we’re excited for !

Amy xx


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