September 2022 Releases I’m Excited to Read!

Hello everybody! Today, and I know I’m a little bit late with this seeing as some of these are already out, I’m going to be chatting through all the September relevant I’m excited about and planning to pick up at some point. I’ve obviously taken out all the ones I’ve already read, so without further ado, onto the post!

Spooked : The Theatre Ghosts – I think the title here is pretty self explanatory, really! It’s a funny, spooky book about ghosts in a small seaside town theatre.

What’s New, Harper Drew? : Talent Show Takeover – I really enjoyed the first in this series about a tween girl and her madcap family, so I’m really excited to get to my review copy of this.

How to be More Hedgehog- this is about a girl with a stammer who tries to run away so she can join her dad in Scotland, and I’ll be level with you, it’s mostly on my TBR because I’m obsessed with the title!

Always, Clementine– I absolutely LOVE Carlie Sorosiak’s books, especially her animal-centric middle grade, so I’m absolutely certain I will love this epistolary novel about a mouse who’s run away from an animal testing lab.

The Spell Tailors– this will be one of my very next reads, as I’m on the blog tour this coming Friday, but it’s the new book from James Nicol and I loved the Apprentice Witch series so I’m very excited! Plus it’s about magical clothes, a concept I’m obsessed with already!!

The Whisperling– this is a ghost story set in the late 1800s, about a girl who can speak to ghosts and intends to use her gift (or curse, depending on your perspective) to clear her best friend’s name when she gets accused of murder. I enjoyed the first few chapters very much (it’s a long story as to why I’ve not read the full thing yet, don’t ask!) and I’m excited to continue .

The Lost Girl King– this is the new Catherine Doyle, and it focuses on siblings and them finding the entrance to the land of eternal youth. I loved the Storm Keeper’s Island series and I’m sure this will be just as gripping and hilarious and fantastical.

Fear Ground– this is the second in Jennifer Killick’s brilliant comedy-horror series, and I think it sees the members of Club Loser going to some kind of terrifying fairground. It’ll be a perfect read for spooky season!!

Beyond the Frozen Horizon– this is the new Nicola Penfold, and I don’t know why, but I just feel like this will be a favourite for me. It’s about a world in which we’ve taken steps to prevent the climate crisis reaching absolutely disaster, and it looks like the perfect autumn/winter treat.

Into Goblyn Wood– this is about a girl named Hazel whose best friend is abducted by the fae folk, and she must venture into their woods to save him. It comes highly recommended by several people, and I just think it’s one I’ll really enjoy.

The Mountain Rescue Dog– I’ve read one Juliette Forrest and loved it, and have two others on my tbr, but I’m also excited for this one as it seems like a bit of a different genre for her. Also, I’m a sucker for an animal story and a David Dean cover is my catnip!

If You Read This– this is about a girl whose mum has just died, and it sees her go on a final treasure hunt her mother has left behind for her, which the blurb describes as changing her life.

The Vampire Slayer’s Survival Guide– this is the new Katy Birchall middle grade, which follows on from her 2021 release about a human vampire slayer and a vegetarian vampire becoming friends. Super cute and silly and fun, and obviously perfect for Halloween season!

The Shadow Order- this is about a world where people’s shadows show their true selves, and it just sounds like such a fascinating concept. I’m really excited to learn more about it when I start reading!

The Book of Secrets– this is another one I found out about because the same person who told me about Into Goblyn Wood recommended it to me, and the cover is SO BEAUTIFUL. And who doesn’t love a faery book?

Amari and the Great Game – like almost the entire world, I fell in love with Amari Peters and her world last year with the first book in this series. After several delays, her second adventure has finally hit shelves and I can’t wait to see where the story goes now.

The Treehouse Library– this is the 5th and penultimate book in the Pages and Co series, and I think it’s going to be brilliant, as book 4 was my absolute favourite of the series to date.

The Ministry of Unladylike Activity- unless you’ve literally never read this blog before, you **know** I love Robin Stevens; she’s one of my ultimate favourite authors and I would die for the Detective Society. I’m so thrilled to be starting this new spinoff series, following Hazel’s little sister May and friends solving murders during World War Two.

Ghosts Bite Back – wow, ghosts are popping up a LOT in this post. This one is the followup to last year’s fabulously frightening Rules for Vampires, and I am very excited to see Leo, her family and her best friend Mina again. It too will be going on my October tbr, most likely!!

Flip Turns– this is about a girl whose family owns a swimming pool, and it deals with issues of consent, which I think is so important to have more of in middle grade.

Serwa Boateng’s Guide to Vampire Hunting– I’ve not read the YA books from this author, but I’ve heard great things. This one follows a girl who hails from a long ancestral line of adze slayers, and what happens when she is left in Maryland with relatives she hardly knows and has to take on a new threat without the help of her parents.

Hear Me- the main thing I know about this is that it follows a girl with hearing loss’s journey, and as I’m hard of hearing, it’s always great to see some more representation of that.

Maya and the Lord of Shadows – this is the third and final book in an MG fantasy series I’ve always really enjoyed, so I’m looking forward to seeing how things end and learning more about West African mythology at the same time!

Mina and the Slayers– like I said about ghosts, vampires seem to be popping up a LOT in this post. This is the sequel to last year’s brilliant Mina and the Undead, and I’m so looking forward to some more 90s horror inspired murder and mayhem in the phenomenal setting of New Orleans.

The First Thing About You– I’m on the blog tour for this, and I’m very much looking forward to reading this story about a disabled teenage boy trying to settle into a new high school and find love.

Meet Me in Mumbai– this sounds fascinating, it’s a dual perspective book of a modern day girl named Mira, and her birth mother’s past story. I think it also sees them meeting in Mumbai for Mira’s eighteenth birthday, and I think it’ll be so, so good.

Nothing More to Tell– I must confess, I’m a bit behind on Karen M. McManus (I think the latest release I read was the cousins?), but nevertheless I always like the sound of everything she writes and I’m sure I’ll get round to them at some point! This one is about a girl trying to solve the cold case murder of her favourite teacher.

Girl Friends– this is the new Holly Bourne adult novel, and I think it focuses on a really complex female friendship, which should be really interesting. Especially as Holly Bourne is basically incapable of writing a bad book!

Before I Do– I read a Sophie Cousens book last year, and really enjoyed it, so despite the fact I still have another on my TBR I thought I’d pop her new one on this list. It’s about a woman who is about to get married, until the night before the wedding her “one who got away” turns up.

Accidentally Amy- this is about a woman called Isabella (my mum’s name) who has a ridiculous, adorable meet cute with a man who ends up being her new boss, and she pretends to be called Amy (my name !). So idk, I just feel like this book is meant for me somehow.

Let it Snow – I actually learned about this on my library website, and it sounds like a cute winter romance with a road trip, so I reserved it!

The American Roommate Experiment– I really liked the Spanish Love Deception, even though I didn’t think it needed to be almost 500 pages, so I’m looking forward to discovering Lina’s best friend Rosie’s love story.

Finding Gene Kelly– this is a fake dating romance with a disabled heroine, so it obviously has my whole entire heart already. I don’t have endometriosis, but I will take any and all disability rep I can find because we need more and it’s so important to support the ones we already have.

The Make Up Test– this is another adult romance that already has my heart, on account of the fact we need so much more positive fat rep in romance books. I’ve been excited about this second chance, enemies-to-lovers for simply ages, and I can’t believe it’s finally almost out!

Thank you so much for reading! Which September releases are you excited about it? What are your thoughts on my list? I’d love to chat in the comments!

Amy xx


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