The Presents My Characters Want for Christmas by Tamsin Mori

Hello everybody! Today, for blogmas day two, we have a guest post from Tamsin Mori on her characters’ Christmas wishlists; I love reading these and they’re by far the most popular ones for authors to choose from my little list of prompts. I’m actually behind on this series, and reading this has made me REALLY want to catch up soon. Anyway, onto the post!

I was delighted when you asked me to make a Christmas list for the Weather Weaver characters! Though the stories take place in summer, they were originally going to be set in winter, so there are oodles of winter-related notes that never made it into the books. I leafed through my old notebooks and sure enough, there they were – present requests!

When I’m first exploring a story, I get to know the characters by interviewing them – asking them about their wants and needs, hopes and fears, favourite and least favourite things. If you’ve never interviewed an imaginary character before, it might sound a bit odd, but it’s a really good way to get to know them. Often their answers surprise me! I checked with them again this morning, just to make sure none have them had changed their minds and here’s what I found out:

Grandpa is tricky to get presents for, because he has everything he needs. In Winter’s Keep, Stella makes him the perfect present. I’d better keep that to myself, for now! When I asked him, he said he’d be touched to receive any kind of present, but he’d prefer something useful. He approaches every practical task with care and craftsmanship, and takes pride in always having the right tool for the job. In Shetland, the long winter nights are a good time for indoor tasks by the fire, so he said a new whetstone would be an excellent present. He’ll enjoy sharpening and polishing all his tools, ready for spring.

Tamar doesn’t want you to spend any money on a present – hand-made or bartered is better, in her opinion. Her house is full to the rafters with spinning and weaving equipment, books and yarn, not to mention her weather collection, so something small would be best. She often scoffs at sentimentality, so she’d be horrified if you knew, but just between us, she has a keepsakes box tucked away on a high shelf. She gets it out when she’s missing distant friends, or needs cheering up. I’d suggest giving her a hand-made card or perhaps a poem – it’ll end up in her keepsakes box and bring her pleasure for years to come.

Tassa was Stella’s room-mate at the Gathering. She loves reinventing herself with clothes. She’s got loads of different outfits and accessories and all of them have special meaning to her (especially her storm-weaver outfit, that was embroidered by her grandmother). She already has a weather charm bracelet, but she’d really love a matching necklace that identifies her as a Storm Weaver – a silver lightning bolt.

Magnus is another of Stella’s friends from the Gathering. As a Verdure Weaver, his fascination is with plants. Wherever he goes, he’s constantly collecting seeds. His pockets are full of them. His bedroom is a complete jumble of small envelopes and scrumpled paper bags of seeds. If you shake any of his coats or trousers, a shower of seeds will fall out of the pockets. It’s probably best not to mention the ones that accidentally went through the washing machine… Right now, he feels a bit embarrassed to let anyone see his room, but if his seed collection was a bit better contained and organised, he’d be able to have friends over again. A wooden box with lots of little compartments would be the perfect present for him.

Stella, the main character in the Weather Weaver adventures, knows exactly what she wants for Christmas and it has changed, since the last time I asked. She’s recently had a chance to try out Grandpa’s binoculars. Unlike her little bird-watching binoculars, Grandpa’s ones are super-powerful – good enough to see the feathers on a sea bird, or craters on the moon. She spends quite a lot of time on lookout duty, in case of sea witches. That’d be a lot easier with a really powerful pair of binoculars. In more peaceful times, she says she’ll use them for whale watching. She’s keen to see a minke whale and she hasn’t spotted one yet.

Nimbus, Stella’s thundercloud, is not interested in presents at all. In fact, he threatened to rain on me when I insisted he come up with an answer. Nope! Not happening. Apparently, clouds don’t need presents, they just need good company and the wide sky to play in.

*Note to self: never argue with a storm cloud.

About Tamsin:

I’m the author of the Weather Weaver books – an upper MG adventure series, published by UCLan Publishing: The Weather Weaver (winner of the Dudley Children’s Book Award) A Gathering Storm Winter’s Keep – out 2nd March 2023

Thank you so much for reading! Have you read Tamsin’s books? What Christmas gifts would you give the characters, if so? And what’s your favourite kind of weather?! Let’s chat in the comments!

Speak very soon,

Amy xxx


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