Books I’d love to see under everyone else’s trees by Ravena Guron

Hello everybody! Can you believe it’s already December 6th? One of my favourite things to gift people is definitely books, and I’m sure that’s true of lots of us. It’s certainly true for 2023 debut Ravena Guron, who’s written a literary gift guide. I’m so excited to read her book, and hope you enjoy her post!

I’ve always thought books make excellent gifts – there’s something so lovely about a brand new book, carefully selected for the right reader… But I always suffer from immediately forgetting everything I’ve ever read the moment I’m deciding what books to gift! So, to aid the noble tradition of gifting books at Christmas, below is just a small sample of the books I think would make EXCELLENT presents. (Disclaimer that these will mainly be MG and YA!)

So, if you’re gifting to someone looking for something dark and twisty, to read while tucked up under a warm blanket… I recommend House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland. Gorgeous writing, and a plot I’m still thinking about months and months later – one of the best YA horrors I’ve read!

But if your lucky giftee is looking for something uplifting, light-hearted and fun, I’d recommend The Incredible Record-Smashers by Jenny Pearson. There’s so much to be delighted by in this MG packed with heart and humour – perfectly paired with a dip in the Quality Street tin.

Then there’s books that are excellent if you’re looking for a cathartic cry to start the New Year fresh. I suggest The Place I’ve Cried in Public by Holly Bourne. Necessary, timely, and yes… teary. Or else The Sky is Mine by Amy Beashel, a beautiful book about finding your voice.

If your prospective giftee is a fan of poetry, why not try Run, Rebel, a stunning novel-in-verse by Manjeet Mann – intense, sometimes heart-breaking, and empowering, it leaves you better than when you found it. Food for the soul after tucking into a hearty Christmas dinner!

Finally, if you know someone who hasn’t already read this next book… Rectify that immediately! Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None is one of the bestselling books of all time, and with good reason. How many books have since been inspired by this classic locked-room mystery of ten people trapped on an island with a killer?

And, once all the gifts have been given and the Christmas tree is packed away, there’s only really one thing to do… Set your sights on books to be released in 2023, to sit under next year’s tree! There’s a few debuts next year I’m VERY excited about… Someone is Watching You, by Tess James-Mackey, is perfect for fans of Cynthia Murphy and Kathryn Foxfield. This is How You Fall in Love by Anika Hussain is a sweet YA romcom that looks to be as delightful as the cover! And You Think You Know Me by Ayaan Mohamud is a powerful, gripping debut.

Thank you so much for reading! Which books have you bought as Christmas gifts so far this year? Do you have any thoughts on Ravena’s list? I’d love to chat in the comments!

Speak very soon, Amy xxx


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