Books I’ll be gifting this Christmas by Tess James-Mackey

Hello everybody! For today’s post, day 12 of blogmas which is so strange to think of, we have Tess James-Mackey. Her debut YA is out in early 2023 and I’m really looking forward to no doubt scaring myself silly with it. Onto the post!

If anyone in my family is unwrapping a book for Christmas, it will almost certainly be from me. I love gifting books, not only because, well – books. But also because you can’t really get a book gift wrong. Everyone knows that reading is subjective, that one person’s five-star is another’s could-not-finish. But whatever the outcome, it’s sure to spark conversation (especially if you steal it after they finish reading, or before, as I’ve done occasionally for books I just couldn’t wait for!)

I’ve also started gifting myself a book every year, which I settle down with on Christmas Eve with a glass of port whilst listening to the ambient sounds of my husband swearing at the Sellotape as he starts his wrapping. It’s an Icelandic tradition apparently, and a very good one as far as I’m concerned. I try to choose something vaguely magical to fit the Christmas vibe, which can be tricky as I’m not usually a cosy-story kind of person. Something fantastical with darker elements would be ideal.

Due to the aforementioned book-stealing habit, I usually buy people novels I haven’t read, so I can enjoy the present too. But this year, I’ll choose stories I’ve read recently that have stayed with me.

For my mother – We Are All Constellations by Amy Beashel. It will make her cry, but she’s a sucker for beautiful, lyrical writing, which this stunning novel is full to the brim with.

For my father – Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. He usually asks for a non-fiction history book, but I think he might be powerless against the rich world-building, brilliantly-written characters and jaw dropping twist of this historical romance/thriller – it really has it all.

For my husband – Waking the Witch by Rachel Burge. It’s set on Bardsey island, just next to where he grew up in Llanbedrog, North Wales. He’ll love the local references, the Welsh mythology, and the atmospheric writing.

For my sister – House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland. She was big into fairies as a child. This terrifyingly brilliant book might put her off a bit, but it’s impossible not to be sucked into the story. I might buy myself the paperback for my Christmas eve present, in fact – one I’d love to re-read.

For my six-year-old daughter – Sadly, she isn’t really a book person … yet. But I’m stocking up on chapter books, ready for the opportune moment. And I’ve just bought Nala’s World, by Dean Nicholson and Frann Preston-Gannon, as it’s about a very adorable cat that I think she’ll find impossible to resist!

I hope someone will gift me a book or two this Christmas as well. Fiction is a bit risky – chances are I’ve read it! But I’d love an interesting non-fiction – something about a person, a place, or a moment in history that sparks inspiration for my next book would be ideal. The only trouble is, when I open a book present I immediately want to scurry away with it alone (taking the Christmas chocolates with me of course!)

Thank you so much for reading! Which books are you gifting your loved ones this Christmas? Have you read anything that Tess has mentioned? I’d love to chat in the comments! Amy xx


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