An Autumn Christmas by Emma Finlayson-Palmer

Hello everybody! Seeing as we’re now less than a week away from Christmas (how has that happened?!), the majority of blogmas content this week will be about how characters are going to be spending Christmas. Today’s installment is from Emma Finlayson-Palmer, who’s written about her character Autumn Moonbeam and her family/friends. Onto the post!

We don’t get to see Christmas in Autumn Moonbeam Dance Magic! or Spooky Sleepover! But I would love to have a Christmas down at Sparkledale Dance Academy, it’s sure to be full of snowflakes, sparkles and plenty of snot chocolate! Christmas in the Moonbeam household would no doubt be the usual chaotic affair. Autumn’s older brothers, Mordecai and Toadflax, would be pulling crackers and fighting over who got to tell the jokes and zapping each other with smell-spells. Zephyr, Autumn’s would be rolling her eyes at them and playing a game of Monsteropoly with Ghostly Gran. No doubt Gran would be trying to build as many haunted mansions as she could. Autumn’s little brother, Knotweed, would be eating the candy canes, while Trevor the baby dragon would be next to him eating the decorations from the Christmas tree. Mum would be enjoying some mince flies and watching Carol wailing banshees on the Spell-a-vision. Whilst Autumn would be dancing her way around the house and garden. Her new Black Cats team top shimmering with magic as she cartwheels and backflips creating a flurry of snowflakes and sparkles of Dance Magic!

Thank you so much for reading! Have you read these lovely books? Would you like to spend Christmas this way? I’d love to chat in the comments!

Speak very soon,

Amy xxx


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