Christmas crackers for Alice and co! by Emily Kenny

Hello everybody! I can hardly believe that it’s Christmas Eve Eve, and that we only have just over a week left of 31 days of blogmas. Today’s (first) post is from Emily Kenny, author of the wonderful Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks. Onto the post!

Ooh Christmas! A time of curling up under twinkling tree lights, the pungent scent of mulled wine wafting from the kitchen…

For many neurodivergent people, Christmas can be overwhelming: too much sensory stimulation, too many demands and too little control. For that reason, I think Alice would much prefer a quiet Christmas full of time-honoured traditions. A walk to the village church with Gran for carols, perhaps, or a long wintry walk with Roger along the river before snuggling up with a favourite book. Of course, there would still be time for a pinch of merriment! Alice would have lots of fun Switching into her favourite festive friends. A robin or a reindeer, perhaps, before moving on to an altogether BIGGER challenge. A polar bear would be cool if hazardous!

Tim meanwhile would pull out all the stops for an OTT Christmas. Party hats, tinsel, glam rock on repeat. Tim would do anything in his power to give his mum the best Christmas ever at Crossley-Herbert Towers to lift her spirits. He’d cook up a storm in the kitchen and I like to think his joy would be infectious.

Poor Ottie’s Christmas wouldn’t be much fun. Mummy Marlowe would no doubt drag her along to endless dreary wine-and-cheese parties and stuffy social gatherings at Very Important People’s mansions. If Ottie got her Christmas wish, she’d be swimming laps at the local pool or maybe even nipping back to Pebblehampton to dip a toe in the freezing waves off School Bay!

And finally what of the animals of Pebblewood School? I like to think that Constance would invite them all to her library for a warm fire and plenty of festive fun and games before she retired for a snooze in her big blue chair…

Thank you so much for reading! Have you read this book, or are you planning to? What animal would you most like to become? I’d love to chat in the comments!

Speak very soon,

Amy xxx


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