Blog Tour Extract: The Thief of Farrowfell by Ravena Guron

Hello everybody! Today, I have another blog tour post for you, and this time it’s an extract from Ravena Guron’s debut middle grade The Thief of Farrowfell. Onto the post!

Jude Ripon loved stealing. Not just magic, or money, or diamonds and gold, though they were all fun things to pinch. She liked the quiet moments when she snuck through mansions of the rich, her footsteps muffled by thick, plush carpets. The stolen seconds of living someone else’s life.

She’d never been allowed to steal on her own, and on the rare occasions her family took her on business she was normally given a lookout role, miles away from the action. Only in the lowest priority houses was she ever allowed the thrill of slipping along and swiping treasures, supervised by her snappy old aunts. Real, important jobs were given to the adults of her family who had proven themselves to the Ripon criminal empire many times. The only exception was Jude’s sister Moorley, who was just three years older than Jude but got to go on all kinds of adventures. She didn’t even want to. It was completely unfair.

No one took Jude seriously – at twelve years old she was apparently too young to do anything important. But that would change once she returned home from the Weston mansion with rare magic stolen from one of the most powerful families in Farrowfell. Rare magic the Ripons could sell on the black market.

They would have to take her seriously then.

The thick stone walls that marked the boundaries of the Westons’ grounds towered over her. A lesser thief might have tried scaling the walls, or else wrestled with the cast-iron gate. Jude, however, was prepared. She reached into her pocket, feeling for the squelchy ghost magic she had stolen from Moorley. It was shaped like a raindrop of emerald crystal. She popped it in her mouth and tried not to gag; it tasted like feet.

The moment she swallowed, her body forgot it was supposed to be solid. As she passed through the stone wall the world went dark. All the breath was squeezed out of her lungs and an icy feeling spread through her.

Her senses returned to normal once she made it to the other side and she grinned, hurrying across the muddy lawn towards the enormous glowing white mansion.

Thank you so much for reading! Are you planning to pick up this book, Ravena’s YA This Book Kills? What kind of edible magic would you most want to try? I’d love to chat in the comments!

Amy xx


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