The Real Neat Blog Award

Hello everybody!

Today, I’m going to be completing the Real Neat Blog Award tag, which I was tagged for by Bex. Onto the post!

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1. Which 2018 release are you most looking forward to?

I have lots! I’m excited the 2nd James Nicol is finally coming next month, and I can’t wait for Jess Butterworth’s new book.

2. Do you prefer watching Booktube or reading blogs?

I really like both, but think blogs have the edge for me. They’re quicker to read so I comment/engage more, and I definetely enjoy a lot more blogs whereas I’m much more more fussy wuth booktube. There are only 5 people I regularly watch, I think.

3. What is the best debut you have read this year?

Jess Butterworth’s Running on the Roof of the World in 2017, when I was tagged for this. It was an all enveloping middle grade adventure, and I adored it.

4. Be honest – how many unread books do you own at the moment?

Over 100, less than 150 at last count.

5. What is your favourite non-fiction novel?

I don’t actually read non fiction. 🙈

6. If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

I’d write a mystery, most likely for middle grade. Write what you know and all that jazz! (to clarify, I am not the real life Nancy Drew. I’ve just read so many I’m quite confident I could come up with one)

7. Name one thing you have done in 2017 that you’re really proud of.

I started my blog, and I’m really proud of what I achieved with it. I also passed my exams and I was very happy with my results.

I am not very good at coming up with questions, so not all of these are bookish! No one I tag is obligated to answer them. I tag Jo, Hannah and Rebecca, as I just recently did a tag where I tagged some others I know so don’t want to bombard them with another one!

1. If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be and why?

2. Do you use bookmarks? Do you have a favourite type/one?

3. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

4. Who is your favourite book character of all time? (Top 3 if you can’t choose)

5. Favourite book to film adaptation?

6. Who are your favourite singers?

7. If you were a teacher at Hogwarts, which subject would you teach?

Thank you so much for reading! I’d love to hear your answers to these questions below or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl!

Amy xxx


The Book Blogger Test Tag

Hello everybody!

Today, I’m going to be doing the Book Blogger Test Tag, which I was tagged for by Lucy-May. Onto the post!

The rules:

Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog, answer the ten questions asked on this post, nominate at least five people to do it also.

1.) Top 3 book pet hates

• I really dislike purple prose. It treads a fine line between my favourite type of writing, a really lyrical description like Emma Carroll and Jess Butterworth, and purple prose. If you don’t know, thisis a style of description I think exemplified in We Were Liars or the Miseducation of Cameron Post.

•Bad mysteries- I love mystery books, I really do. But there are a few books e.g. Undercover Princess where I just didn’t feel the mystery made any sense, and it annoys me because I tend to enjoy mysteries.

• Slow paced books. Let me be clear, I don’t mind when books are a bit slow to get started. That takes maybe half a star or a star away, or nothing at all if it improves dramatically. I’m talking about books where I feel like nothing whatsoever has happened by halfway through the book.

2.) Perfect reading spot

Ooh! I don’t know. I love reading in bed, but it makes me dizzy cause my headboard is horrid and I can’t sit up, so I’d love a comfy new bed with room for one (or both) of my golden girls to join me.

3.) Three book confessions

• I often inadvertently crack spines

• I have books with food/lipstick stains and it bothers me very little

• I don’t use bookshelves as I don’t have room, and I love my storage box system so much I doubt I ever will.

4.) Last time you cried reading a book

At time of writing, it was my reread of Boy in the Tower on New Year’s Eve.

5.) Number of books on your bedside table

None! I don’t keep books on my beside table, just a lamp and my tablet when it’s charging.

6.) Favourite reading snack

Chocolate, as even though it runs the risk of staining the books.

7.) Three books you’d recommend to anyone

I am that boring person who thinks no one book is right for absolutely everyone, so this is hard. Ones I do it with are Geek Girl, Boy in the Tower and Running on the Roof of the World. It makes me very happy I got people to read them!

8.) A picture of your favorite bookshelf

I can’t, because I use storage boxes instead of book shelves!

9.) How much books mean to you (in three words)

An awful lot.

10.) Biggest reading secret

I don’t know if this is the biggest, cause I don’t really know what this means, but I didn’t like Harry Potter till I was fourteen. I hated the films when I watched them at ten or eleven and then got bored reading the books. Thankfully, I tried again, and fell very much in love with the series. I’ve reread them quite a few times now too!

I tag:



Thank you so much for reading! Let me know what you think of my answers down below or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl!

Amy xxx

The Valentine’s Day Book Tag

Hello everybody!

Since it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to do the Valentine’s Day Book Tag, which was created by CC’s Books. Onto the post!

1.) Stand Alone Book You Love

I won’t mention my favourite MG standalone ever as I want to use it for another question! Other MG I love Are Running on and Being Miss Nobody, and a YA standalone I thought was especially impressive is the Art of Being Normal. I love others too, such as Lobsters or Unboxed or Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda.

2.) Dystopian Book You Love

I’m not really a fan of this genre if I’m honest, and I tend to steer clear of it nowadays. That said, Boy in the Tower, my favourite MG standalone ever, does have some dystopian elements. I don’t really class it as that as it’s so hopeful and optimistic and Ade is a darling, but it answers this.

3.) A Book That You Love But No One Else Talks About

Um, Boy in the Tower is my go to for this, and Polly Ho Yen’s other book Fly Me Home also receives nowhere near the amount of love it deserves. I also love the 39 Clues series, and Adventure Island, which are now a bit older and also aren’t talked about often! I’ve actually been considering starting a series of posts about underrated books; would you read that?

4.) Favorite Book Couple

I wrote a full post about my top 5 a few weeks ago, but my ultimate favourite is of course Harriet and Nick from Geek Girl.

5.) Book That Other People Love But You Haven’t Read Yet

I think I have to go for the Northern Lights trilogy for this one, mainly for the sheer AMOUNT of people who adore them. I feel so scared to dive into them 🙈

6.) A Book With Red on the Cover

The first that springs to mind is Cherry Crush by Cathy Cassidy, which even has a shade of red in the title! It’s the first in the Chocolate Box Girls series and it’s narrated by Cherry as she moves in with the Tanberry family and her life totally changes.

7.) A Book With Pink on the Cover

I feel as though there are hardly any pink covers now. I’ll say Being Miss Nobody, and another I recently read was the Lights Under the Lake.

8.) You were given a box of chocolate what fictional boyfriend/ or girlfriend would given them to you.

Nick from Geek Girl or Sirius Black.

9.) You are Single on Valentines Day. What Book would you read? What TV show would you watch? What Movie would you watch?

I have no idea what I’ll be reading (though it coincides with my half term break so I should hopefully swallow a book in the day) or watching (again, I would like to watch at least one film as I’m off! Maybe Pretty in Pink for cosy romance vibes?)

10.) You are in the Book Store. All of a Sudden you get shot with an arrow by Cupid. What New Release will you love?

A book released just before this is due to go up (I am writing this in the past!) that I am 99.99% sure I will love is A Spoonful of Murder by Robin Stevens. I am a HUGE Wells and Wong fan and it has been too long since Mistletoe and Murder 😭

Thank you so much for reading! I won’t tag anyone as this is somewhat seasonal, but if you feel like having a go please send me a link as I’d love to read it! Let me know what you think of my answers down below or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl, and if the underrated books I love series of posts would be of interest.

Amy xxx

The Bedtime Tag 

Hello everybody!

Today, I’m going to do the Bedtime Tag, which I wasn’t tagged for but saw on Jenny in Neverland and thought it would be fun. Onto my answers!

1. Describe your usual bedtime routine

Go to bed, loiter on Twitter/finish a blog post till too late, read, be unable to sleep, read some more, finally get to sleep usually just before midnight.

2. What are your favourite pyjamas?

If you know me/how many pyjamas I own, you’d know this was an impossible question. My favourite type to buy are usually either animals, Tatty Teddy, Snoopy or Disney. I have one Harry Potter set, and a few other random pairs, but they’re my main weaknesses that I can’t leave in a shop.

3. What is your current bedtime reading?

I’m writing this quite a bit in the past (hello future!), so I have no idea what book I’ll be on when this goes live!

4. What would I find on your bedside table?

A few photos of my dogs, a bottle of water, my tablet on its charger and my lamp.

5. What scent makes you sleepy?

Lavender, because I am a cliche.

6.  What is your usual bedtime and wake up time?

I like to be asleep for half 11 when I’m at school (and usually fail), and I get up at 7 for school. On weekends holidays, I like to sleep in till 8 or 9.

7. What are your top three bedtime products?

I only ever use micellar water to take off makeup if I’ve worn any, and sometimes don’t even do that.

8. What is your most common sleeping position?

On my side, facing my wall.

9. Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?

Like Jenny, I always have my teddy (albeit mine is a tiger called Liam) with me in bed.

10. What’s your worst bedtime habit?

Staying on my tablet too long, I really must stop this habit!

Thank you so much for reading! I won’t tag anyone, as I don’t know who’d like to do this, but  if you feel like it feel free! I’d love to hear if we have anything in common at bedtime down below or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl!

Amy xxx

Guest Post: The Animal Crossing Book Tag by @aimee_louise_l

Hello everybody!

Today, I have a guest post from my lovely friend Aimee Louise, which is a book tag we created together. I’m answering the questions over on her blog today, if you want to see my answers! 

 Tom Nook – a book that fleeced you – Best twist/cliffhanger

The Great Chocoplot. HOW CAN WE HAVE A WORLD WITH NO CHOCOLATE? Seriously, if this isn’t a shock horror twist then I don’t know how we can be friends.

Harriet – a book that misses the mark

For me, this is One Of Us Is Lying. As much as I enjoyed the book, I didn’t love it. I’d guessed THAT twist almost instantly and I guess I was expecting more from it. The hype surrounding it was massive, and I’m probably going to get a lot of grief for my opinion. Sorry guys, I just didn’t love it. 

Celeste – an underrated character

There are SO MANY characters who are underrated and I’m finding it difficult to choose just one. For me, it is going to have to be Isabelle Richardson from Little Fires Everywhere. She has some wonderfully hidden qualities that could really blossom into something great with the right nuturing and I hate the fact that her own family don’t give her enough credit or allow her to be herself. 

Mabel – a book that’s bright and sunny
A joyful, uplifting read? I’m not entirely sure I know what those are. I have a tendency of going down the more dark and twisted bookish path so light-hearted, feel good reads aren’t really my thing. However, Sealed With A Kiss by Rachael Lucas fits this criteria perfectly AND it is such a gorgeous book. This book made me want to broaden my bookish horizons and it not only got me out of a MASSIVE reading slump but it also arrived at a time when I really needed something heart-warming and comforting. Set in Scotland, this book is perfect escapism.

Timmy and Tommy – a book featuring twins
Double Act. One of my absolute favourite childhood books which I read when I was about 6 or 7 years old. Ruby and Garnet are two very different twins and I loved that the fact they were a mirror image of each other did not reflect their personalities. 

KK Slider – a book featuring music

The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Oh how I LOVE this book. If you’ve not read this yet, then where have you been hiding because it is phenomenal. The music that is included within this book is brilliant. Seriously, perfect mixtape material.

Dr Shrunk – a book featuring an eccentric character

The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. I don’t think I need to say anymore than that really.

Crazy Red – a book with thieves

The Book Thief. Another one of my all time favourite books which is about a girl called Liesel who steals books and befriends a Jewish man. It is SO much more than that really. But, books are important for minds and friendships. Just saying.

Pocket camp – A book set in a camp

Ok, so I may be cheating slightly with this one by recommending The Dream Snatcher trilogy. BUT becoming a part of Moll’s tribe back in 2015 when she stormed her way onto the scene with a Wildcat in tow, I could NOT miss this out. Seriously, saying goodbye to Moll and her tribe was heartbreaking. I’m still not over it.

Gulliver – a book that takes you on an adventure

The Wolf Wilder takes you on a wolf-riding adventure. I mean seriously, do I need to sell this to you anymore? 

Kicks – a book that’s like a new pair of shoes – a book you really clicked with

I have clicked with SO MANY books. Seriously, some of the characters who I’ve journeyed with in their various worlds have really spoken to me and found a way into my heart. However, Under Rose Tainted Skies is the book which I resonated deeply with especially when trying to get a better understanding of my own Mental Health.

Porter – a book which transports you to a new world – a book with brilliant world building

Sky Song, without a doubt is a book which transports you to a whole new world. I was so engrossed in the world of Erkenwald, that reality just totally slipped away and left me to embark in some extreme wintry conditions in order to defeat the Ice Queen. 
I tag Rebecca @_rebeccastobart, Chelley @chelleytoy and Hannah @cupofwonderland

Aimee Louise

The Guilty Reader Book Tag 

Hello everybody! Today, I’m doing the Guilty Reader Book Tag, which I was tagged for by Lucy-May. Onto the post! 

 1. Have you ever re-gifted a book that you’ve been gifted?

No, but if I get a gift and don’t enjoy the book when I read it, I do what I tend to do and take it a charity shop/second hand book shop.

2. Have you ever said you’ve read a book when you haven’t?

Kind of. I skipped a couple of chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird last (lovely English teacher, if by some odd chance you’re reading this, I am sorry. I read most of them, promise). I really liked the story, but Scout’ s ‘voice’ could not have irked me any more.

3. Have you ever borrowed a book & not returned it?

I’ve taken my time to return things, but no, I have never just not returned something. I think this is partly because to this day I regret loaning my copy of Ways to Live Forever to a human who a) did not read it that I am aware of, and b) did not give me it back.

. Have you ever read a series out of order?

I have, but it makes me very uncomfortable and I hate doing it. I did it with one of my favourite series , Pony Club Secrets (I read book 4 first, and was hooked but very confused, then went back to the start and devoured them, and each new book as it came out)

5. Have you ever spoiled a book for someone?

Not to my recollection, and certainly never intentionally if I have.

6. Have you ever doggy eared a book?

No, but some second hand copies I own do have dog eared pages. I really don’t like the feel of them. I do crack spines though (not intentionally, just by the way I hold books I presume)

7. Have you ever told someone you don’t own a book when you do?

Not that I can remember.

8. . Have you ever skipped a chapter or a section of a book?

See my answer to question 2! And I’ve also skipped to the end of books I’m not enjoying.

9. Have you ever badmouthed a book you actually liked?

Again, not that I can remember. If I like a book, I like to shout about it far and wide.

Thank you for reading! Are you guilty of any of these? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl!
I’m tagging anyone who wants to do this 💜

Amy xxx

The Hocus Pocus Book Tag 

Hello everybody!

Today, even though it is now rather the wrong season for such a thing, today I am doing the Hocus Pocus Book Tag, which I was tagged for by 
Kelly and was created by Never Not Reading.



There are no rules. It’s YOUR blog. But it would be nice if you linked back to Never Not Reading (tag creator), and maybe the person who tagged you too. Share the love folks.

Feel free to use the GIFs used by Never Not Reading, the graphics made by Flavia the Bibliophile if you would like, both, or make and use your own visuals!


My favourite completed trilogy is Spellchasers by Lari Don, which are MG shapeshifter fantasies set in Scotland, with a really fabulous group of main characters, a unique idea executed well and an arc over the 3 books but also an individual plot for each instalment.


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has two awful female villains in very prominent roles; Dolores Umbridge and Bellatrix Lestrange, who are equally evil in a polar opposite way.


I’m really unsure of this question. The Gruffalo seems to be evergreen, as the young children I know absolutely adore it, and I enjoyed it years ago.


I again struggled with this one. Most funny books I read have some sort of more serious topic in them as well, for example bullying in Geek Girl or Alzheimer’s/dementia in Who Let the Gods Out. I think I’ll say Lobsters for this!


I’m not going to say any specific book here, as a few do it, but since I started blogging books where blogs just blow up in stats overnight. The only time I found it realistic was in one of my favourite books of last year Being Miss Nobody by Tamsin Winter, where Rosalind is blogging about her school and names it, so it does make sense people from the school would fins and read it.


I think Holly Bourne’s writing style is very open and honest; I always feel like I really do know all of her prontagonists after I finish.


I love series, the longer the better! The longest one I can think of is the Babysitters Club by Ann m Martin which must have at least 300 or so counting all the offshoots by my maths. (Which I’m terrible at, so don’t judge me if I’m totally wrong please 😂)


Pass! I honestly think of a character I’d describe like that. A character’s intelligence doesn’t really play a part in how I feel about them, and all the baddies I dislike enough to be so horribleabout are usually evil geniuses.


Either Geek Girl or Adventure Island I think.


WHY ARE ALL THE QUESTIONS SO HARD? 😭. I can’t recall any books I especially adore having any sort of mass criticism, if I’m honest.


I’m presuming this to mean a unique book, and for this I’m going to say the Beetle Boy books by M.G Leonard. The concept (boy finds Beetle, befriends it, has amazing adventure and saves his father with new beetle and human friends) sounds a bit bizarre on paper, but I love them a lot.


Jake, one of my favourites from the Chocolate Box Girls series, makes an appearance in Cathy Cassidy’s latest book Love from Lexie, and I’m almost certain he’ll be popping up throughout the series.

Thank you so much for reading! I’m tagging 
SinéadLilly-BethZoeLucinda and Rachel, and you if you want to do this! 

Do you love Hocus Pocus? Who’s your favourite character? Have you read any of the books I’ve chosen?

Amy xxx