Quarterly Wrap-Up: July-September 2021

Hello everybody! So, I basically totally forgot to write this post at the actual end of the quarter, but didn’t want to not do it, so hopefully people will still read it even though we’re now a good chunk of the way through October… onto the post!

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My LGBTQ Month Wrap-Up

Hello everybody! So, at the start of June I shared my TBR for my friend Ross’s readathon, and while I deviated from it a fair bit, I’m really chuffed that I managed to fulfill almost all of the challenges, and that I had such a brilliant time reading all of these. These are sort of reviews and sort of not, but I hope I manage to convey how amazing I think all these books are because I honestly adored them. Enough rambling, onto the post!

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Quarterly Wrap Up: April-June 2021

Hello everybody! Today I’m going to be doing my second quarterly wrap up of the year, which I’ve only started in 2021 but I love doing because I always find stats interesting. I’m so proud of how much I’ve managed to read this year so far (and how much of it I’ve loved!).

Going into 2021 I knew I wanted to read so much more than I have been the past few years (even though I still read quite a lot of books), although I think I’ve also been drawn more to shorter books this year. Onto the post!

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Quarterly Wrap Up: January to March 2021

Hello everybody! So, in almost 4 years of blogging I’ve somehow never written a wrap up post, but I really enjoy reading other people’s and I especially love BooksandLala’s (whose YouTube channel I am OBSESSED with) quarterly version that she does, which is why I’ve decided to make mine that often, if people enjoy reading it at least. I’m a wee bit nervous given I don’t really know what exactly I’m going to include, but anyway, onto the post!

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