Reviews: Magical Places and Mythical Creatures

Hello everybody! This post has been slightly delayed because I’ve not been reading as quickly over the past few weeks, but it’s finally here, and I’m so excited to share my thoughts on all these books with you! Onto the post!

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Pick ‘n’ Mix Reviews #1 : Best Friends, Boyfriends, Bollywood and Body Swaps

Hello everybody! Today, I’m trialling a new style of review post that I’d really like to make a more regular thing, so I’d love any feedback you have in the comments. Onto the post!

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My LGBTQ Month Wrap-Up

Hello everybody! So, at the start of June I shared my TBR for my friend Ross’s readathon, and while I deviated from it a fair bit, I’m really chuffed that I managed to fulfill almost all of the challenges, and that I had such a brilliant time reading all of these. These are sort of reviews and sort of not, but I hope I manage to convey how amazing I think all these books are because I honestly adored them. Enough rambling, onto the post!

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Reviews: Wonderful YA

Hello everybody! Today, I’m very excited to be sharing my latest review pos, which is themed around some of the wonderful YA books I’ve been reading these past few weeks. Onto the post!

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Reviews: Somebody Told Me… to Read All These Books

Hello everybody! Today, I have a review post I’ve loved reading for, which is made up of books that my friends keep telling me to read, and in a lot of cases the same books have been recommended by a few different people. Onto the post!

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Reviews: Meteorological Marvels

Hello everybody! Today, I’m so so excited to finally be publishing a post that I’ve been doing to get to for AGES, which is a group of books all somehow linked to meteorology, that I’ve spent the past couple of weeks reading in preparation for reviewing them. On top of loving the idea, I’m also pretty sure this is the most 5 star reviews I’ve ever had in one post, which is pretty cool! Onto the post!

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Reviews: To Infinity and Beyond!

Hello everybody! Today, I’m back with another review post, and this time all the books have some connection to the solar system and/or space (Luna Rae’s connection is the title, as I speak Spanish and therefore I’ve decided it absolutely counts because I really wanted to read it). This is a couple of days late on account of the fact I had an oral exam on Friday and spent so much time stressing over that I needed a couple of extra days to put this together. Onto the post!

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Reviews: Fabulous Fantasy Reads

Hello everybody! Today, I’m finally getting round to posting my latest batch of reviews, which are all fantasies, this time, and I had so much fun reading all of these and escaping to the various incredible worlds within them instead of staying in the hellscape that was my March. Anyway, onto the post!

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Reviews: Reading All Over the World

Hello everybody! Today, I’m here with another set of reviews, and the theme I chose this time is books set in different countries to where I live (which is Scotland, if I’m being very specific, but none of these are set within the UK as a whole). I had so much reading all of these and getting a feel for so many different places, so onto the post!

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Reviews: Travelling Back in Time

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be reviewing some books that take place in the past, and they’re a pretty broad spectrum of historical periods and perspectives seeing as some are as recent as the 90s while others date back to the time of the Romans. Onto the post!

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