Reviews: Chasing Down Light in the Indigo

Hello everybody! Today, I’m bringing you another 5 star predictions review post, because I’m absolutely loving doing them and just can’t seem to stop myself. Don’t judge me, please. Anyway, onto the post!

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The Spell Tailors Blog Tour: Guest Post and Review

Hello everybody! Today, I’m ever so excited to be part of the blog tour for James Nicol’s the Spell Tailors, a book I have been eagerly anticipating since the end of his Apprentice Witch trilogy in 2019. I have both a playlist from James to share, and my review. Onto the post!

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Reviews: Pulling Down Stars Just to Make You Glow

Hello everybody! So, as you will know if you read my tweets, I did a 5 star predictions post either earlier this month or last month, and the result of that is that they’re my new obsession in life. So here are 13 books I thought I’d love, and was absolutely spot on about, all of which I obviously recommend very highly. Onto the post!

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Reviews: Who We Are, Chasing Stars

Hello everybody! So, I’ve spent a lot of this past month feeling pretty ill, whether physically or mentally or both, so a lot of the time I’ve been gravitating to books I was pretty sure would be 5 star reads for me. Here are all the ones I was right about, including a couple that actually surprised me and snuck into this post!

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Reviews: Heaven Sent, part 1

Hello everybody! Today, I’m here to finally review some books I’ve been sent by publishers, both for review purposes and as part of giveaways. Onto the post!

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Reviews: Happy Pride!

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be reviewing some of the wonderful books with LGBTQ+ rep that I’ve read so far this month, in honour of it being pride and as part of my pal Ross’s amazing readathon. Onto the post!

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Reviews: A Sensational Seven

Hello everybody! Today, I’m here to share some new reviews with you all, which I couldn’t think of a title for given I’ve been continuing to mood read, but when I realised there were seven, I had to work that into it given one of the books has a main character CALLED Seven. Onto the post!

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Reviews: Mood Ring May Reading

Hello everybody! Today, I have another review post for you, which doesn’t really have a theme because I saw someone coin the phrase mood reading May and I decided to jump on the bandwagon. There’s a fair bit of variety here so hopefully something for just about everyone! Onto the post!

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Reviews: Pink to Make the Books Wink

Hello everybody! Today, I finally have a new review post for you on this fine bank holiday Monday, and it’s all books with pink on the covers (some of them are not predominantly pink, please do not @ me) because I got it into my head I wanted to do that and so I did. Onto the post!

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Reviews: All Over the Place in April

Hello everybody! Today, I’m back with another review post, which is all over the place in terms of genre and age category etc because these are just the things I wanted to read, and I’ve been v busy with assignments for uni so these are all I’ve managed to get to. Onto the post!

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