January/February 2023 Releases I’m Excited About!

Hello everybody! Today, I’m sharing the January and February releases that I am hoping to read, at some point. My tbr is ridiculous and I don’t get to everything within release year, but I try hard, and a great book is a great book even if you are late to the party. So without further ado, here’s a stupidly long list!

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Christmas Has Always Been a Magical Time for Writers by Catherine Yardley

Hello everybody! Another later one today, again, my apologies! Today’s post is from Catherine Balavage Yardley, who has written about why she thinks this is such a special time of year. Onto the post!

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Ten Books on my Winter 2022/3 TBR List

Hello everybody! So, today, I thought I’d take part in the Top Ten Tuesday theme of sharing your winter TBR, but I do also have a confession to make. I’ve only read a couple of my autumn list, at best… Lots of them are still very much on my list to get to at some point soon (especially Percy Jackson!!!), but I also don’t want to just repeat them all. So here is a new list, onto the post!

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Winter Memories by Jenni Bayliss-Jennings

Hello everybody, and welcome to a golden blogmas day three! Today, for our first post, we have the multi-talented Jenni Bayliss-Jennings, who writes across pretty much every age category and excels at all of them, here to chat about winter memories with us. Onto the post!

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Winter Memories by Emily Kerr

Hello, it’s me again!! Two posts in one day is going to be a THING during blogmas this year, so I thought I’d start off on the right note with two on the first day. This is a post about winter memories from romance author Emily Kerr, whose book Duvet Day I absolutely fell in love with a couple of months ago. Onto the post!

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November/December 2022 Releases I Can’t Wait to Read

Hello everybody! Today, its time for me to talk about some November/December releases I’m definitely excited about picking up, even though most of these are now already out and I’m ridiculously late with this. Onto the post!

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Spelling October in Books

Hello everybody! Today, I’m doing another post in the spelling is fun series, and this time it’s October’s turn. I’m quite sad to be running out of months, so keep any eye out for me crowsourcing next year’s words soon… Onto the post!

O is for… Orla and the Wild Hunt– this is a beautiful middle grade about Irish mythology and grief and family, and it’s one of the best things I’ve read this year; I especially loved the pooka. Also, the David Dean cover is BEAUTIFUL, so it’s just as gorgeous to look at as it is to read

C is for… Clementine Florentine– this is such a fun, adorable middle grade contemporary comedy that celebrates the power of poetry. I actually credit it with being the thing that made me start reading more, alongside my adoration of Ella Risbridger. Now I’m never DONE sharing Instagram poetry to my story, tbh…

T is for… Twice Hexed– this is the sequel to one of my favourite YA books ever, and if anything, I think it might even have been slightly better than the original Hexed. They’re hilarious and feminist and full of magic; I need a third one, like, yesterday.

O is for… Once Upon a Fever– I really liked the Ash House by the author, which was a very odd little book, and this one is also quite odd, but the world is brilliantly imagined and brought to life. I love the spooky, dystopian vibes it had going on too!

B is for… Beyond the Mountains– another spectacular sequel! This absolutely blew my mind last year- it was such an incredibly vivid and well told story with amazing twists and turns, and I’m so excited the 3rd book has just come out.

E is for… the Ex Hex– this was a very recent read for me- I read it while on an overnight trip! It’s such a cute, fun, sexy witch romance book, and I have discovered this year that witchy romance books REALLY do it for me, on account of the fact I’ve read two and given both 5 glowing stars.

R is for… Radha and Jai’s Recipe for Romance– this is a YA romance I read last year, and I really liked it. I definitely have to get to the other books by the author someday- she has another YA from like 2019 and also a new adult one everyone is raving about.

Thank you so much for reading! Have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned, or are you planning to? Which books would you have chosen? I’d love to chat in the comments!

Amy xx

Pick ‘n’ Mix Reviews: Dragons, Detectives and Dating

Hello everybody! Today, I have another review post for you and this time is the first pick ‘n’ mix one I’ve done in ages. These are books that haven’t quite fit into more themed posts, but I wanted to chat about anyway. Onto the post!

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October 2022 Releases I Can’t Wait to Read!

Hello everybody! Today, I’m so excited to be sharing my list of books coming out this month I’m hoping to pick up at some point, hopefully soon. Onto the post!

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