Guest Post: Christmas Traditions with My Dogs by Carlie Sorosiak

Hello everybody! Today, I’m absolutely thrilled to welcome Carlie Sorosiak, author of many books I adore with my whole being, but perhaps the most pertinent to this post is the beautiful MG book I, Cosmo, and she’s written a post about Christmas traditions she has with her dogs. Onto the post!

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! I’m counting down the days. And so is my dog. Well, she would count down the days, I’m sure – if she understood the concept of Christmas. My family likes to bring her into all of our traditions. For as long as I can remember, we’ve always included our pets in the holidays. They’re part of the family, after all!

Growing up, I had a German shorthaired pointer named Sally, and every year, we’d buy her a special Christmas bow. Bright red and velvety, the bows were supposed to sit atop a Christmas tree, or decorate a festive wreath, but they worked just as well on a dog’s collar. She used to look so proud when she wore them, like she knew she was a part of something special. We called her “Super Sally Christmas Dog.”

My first golden retriever, Ralphie, carried on the tradition. He looked proud, too – but was much more interested in sniffing out his presents under the Christmas tree. He also really loved chasing Sally around the Christmas tree. One year, they even knocked it down, shattering all the ornaments. Luckily, no one was hurt! Now, we don’t decorate with anything that could shatter. Wooden ornaments, it is! 

We usually wrap presents on Christmas Eve – and let the dogs open their own gifts in the morning. I think they enjoy tearing the paper more than they enjoy the presents themselves! I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet for my current dog, Dany (she would be annoyed by that, if she knew), but I will most likely stuff her stocking with chewy treats, dog-friendly cookies, and at least one new toy. Two years ago, I got her a stuffed animal pig with a squeaker in the middle. I named him “Mr. Oinkers” after Cosmo’s toy pig in my middle grade novel I, Cosmo. Right now, Mr. Oinkers has seen better days. He desperately needs a bath. I’m thinking it’s time to send in his replacement. Maybe a platypus? Or a sheep? 

Instead of a bow, Dany has a special Christmas bandana that says “Santa’s Favorite Rescue.” Objectively, I’m sure this isn’t true! She’s not a huge fan of strangers in general, and I doubt that Santa would be an exception. His boots clomp too much. But the bandana does look cute on her. She and her best friend, Lucy, also have matching holiday bandanas with their names in white lettering. They like to chase each other around the yard when wearing them. 

After Dany opens her presents, we usually go on a Christmas walk; she likes our local park with the horses, even though she’s deeply afraid of horses. After, she’s fed a few table scraps from brunch (turkey bacon and eggs), and she gets a special dinner: either duck or rabbit patties. Sometimes both! Then, we hang out by the fire, watch Christmas movies on the couch, and cuddle. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you so much for reading! Do you have any Christmas traditions with your pets you’d like to share? Are you a fan of Carlie’s books? I’d love to chat to you in the comments!

Amy xx

Book Characters I’d Name a Pet After

Hello everybody! Today, I’m taking part in Top Ten Tuesday, and I love today’s theme of characters you’d name a pet after! You’ll probably notice a bit of a theme throughout these as both my current pets have names beginning with S, and that’s a tradition I’d like to keep going till I run out of options I like basically! Onto the post!

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My Top Ten Disney Animals

Hello everybody!

Today, I’m finally getting to a post I’ve fancied doing for months about my favourite Disney animals! I’m a huge animal lover in general (as you’ll know if you’ve read this blog before/know me on Twitter) and so it seemed perfect. Onto the post!

Disclaimer- because I found this hard to narrow down, double acts/animals from the same film are counted as one entry on the list.


Chip n Dale– these two are my fave “classic” Disney characters. They’re so cheeky and mischevious; which is what made them some of my favourite characters I met at Disneyland Paris when I went years ago (Remy and Emile, who very narrowly missed being on this list, were also hilarious). I lovethem so much I even asked for a mug with them on it for my birthday last year (which you shall see in a post I have coming up in a few months…)

Olaf– I know Olaf isn’t technically an animal, but he also isn’t human and this is my list, so he counts. Olaf is the sweetest character ever, and I adore him. He’s wonderful in Frozen, adding humour and heart, not to mention a brilliant song to the soundtrack, and I cannot tell you how excited I was going to see Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. In it, he’s even better, and I’m not in the slightest bit ashamed to tell you I wept openly throughout because I was so worried about him. I love how wholeheartedly kind he is and how much he cares about his friends. I cannot wait to see him again come Frozen 2.

Stitch– Like Olaf, Stitch is another not quite animal who I adore. I love how he changes from an evil alien into a loving companion for Lilo, and I also love him because he reminds me of my younger dog. Not because she’s an alien (though she’s definetly odd enough to be from another planet…) but because when she’s playing and particularly hyper, she makes a noise much like Stitch does before he can speak a bit, and it makes me laugh. Plus, he has a super cool Elvis costume.

Flounder– Flounder is one of my favourite Disney sidekicks! He’s so sweet, and I like how wonderful a companion to Ariel he is by following her into lotsof dangerous situations to help her despite his fears. Personally, I wouldn’t have ditched him, but I suppose that’s Ariel’s choice 😕

Gus and Jaq– I love mice/rats in fiction, I really do. These two are particularly adorable, and the dress scene(s) where the mice make her a dress for the ball made me weep. I’m welling up just thinking about it. I really want to watch Cinderella again, but that scene made me cry so much last time I keep putting it off!

Nick Wilde– I also love Judy, but this is a rare case of me actually being able to pick a favourite. I love Nick from the moment he’s introduced as a wisecracking, sneaky con artist to the end of the film, when he’s quite different altogether while retaining his brilliant sense of humour. I firmly believe Zootopia is the most underrated Disney film, and it’s hilarious and heartwarming, and I highly recommend it.

Pascal and Maximus– their rivalry/grudging friendship is amazing, but I also love their relationships with Rapunzel and Flynn. I love how Maximus is loyal to Rapunzel and helps her, and how amazing a companion Pascalis both in the tower and on her adventure with Flynn. Their antagonistic behaviour towards Flynn is HILARIOUS.

Bambi and Thumper– Bambi breaks my heart, but I love Bambi and Thumper a huge amount. They’re both utter darlings in their own right and I loved watching them become friends, alongsude Flower. Writing this has reminded me how much I like Bambi, and that I really should rewatch soon!

Simba– Simba is phenomemal, and I really like how much he grows as a character. He’s a super fun cub (I especially love him in the ‘I Just Can’t Wait to Be King’ sequence) and he grows into such a strong adult, when he must face his uncle in battle to save his pride.

Koda- I love Brother Bear, and Koda is the main reason for that. I love that he loves Kenai so much (even though he inititally doesn’t show kindness in return), and how adventurous and fun-loving he is. I also feel incredibly sorry for him, as his mum has went missing and he has to deal with that.

Oliver– I cannot understand how no one wanted to take Oliver at first. It boggles my mind. He’s so adorable and I have a huge fondness for ginger cats, so I kind of have to love him, but I also love how brave he is throughout all the situations he’s put in throughout Oliver and Company, and how loyal he is to his friends.

That was TOUGH! I could honestly have included basically every Disney animal ever on that list, tbh (and the ones who JUST didn’t make it were Lady and the Tramp/aforementioned Remy and Emile/EVERYONE from Winnie the Pooh/Nemo, if you’re interested). Who are your favourite Disney animals? Do you agree with any of my choices? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl!

Amy xxx

My 5 Favourite Book Animals

Hello everybody, and welcome to day 16 of blogmas!

Today, since animals are my favourite part of of a lot of traditional Christmas stories and my dogs are some of my favourite company on the day itself (😉), I thought it would be fun to

*Note- there is a reason why there are no dogs/cats on this list, to be revealed at some point in 2018… 😉


Flit the bat from Vlad the World’s Worst Vampire
– Flit was a cynical, hilarious sidekick for the little vampire and I adored him. He really made me laugh and he is absolutely adorable in Kathryn Durst’s fabulous illustrations throughout.

Eve and Bones the yaks from Running on the Roof of the World
– these were both such lovely companions for main characters Tash and Sam, and there were several scenes involving them that made me sob. I’m so excited to meet the leopard in her 2nd book.

Bob the fish from Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink
– this is the most hilarious fish you will EVER read about. His conversations with Alex’s friend Jess were more often than not a snort worthy level of funny, and I’m very much hoping he’ll pop up come the 2nd book in the series.

Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web
– Wilbur is the sweetest animal I can ever remember reading in a book, and I adore him with all my heart. He’s so innocent about his fate (which I’m welling up just THINKING about) and is so friendly and caring towards his friends. He really is Some Pig, that one, and even though it may break me I need to reread this soon.

Malkin the fox from the Cogheart Adventures-
Malkin is a mechanical fox, and he’s sardonic and witty and I love. He’s my favourite part of these books hands down and I can’t wait to see more of him in the 3rd book (which now isn’t releasing till October 2018, *sobs*)

Who are your favourite book animals? Do you love any on my list? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl 😘

Amy xxx

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