An Autumn Christmas by Emma Finlayson-Palmer

Hello everybody! Seeing as we’re now less than a week away from Christmas (how has that happened?!), the majority of blogmas content this week will be about how characters are going to be spending Christmas. Today’s installment is from Emma Finlayson-Palmer, who’s written about her character Autumn Moonbeam and her family/friends. Onto the post!

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Winter Memories by Jenni Bayliss-Jennings

Hello everybody, and welcome to a golden blogmas day three! Today, for our first post, we have the multi-talented Jenni Bayliss-Jennings, who writes across pretty much every age category and excels at all of them, here to chat about winter memories with us. Onto the post!

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The Presents My Characters Want for Christmas by Tamsin Mori

Hello everybody! Today, for blogmas day two, we have a guest post from Tamsin Mori on her characters’ Christmas wishlists; I love reading these and they’re by far the most popular ones for authors to choose from my little list of prompts. I’m actually behind on this series, and reading this has made me REALLY want to catch up soon. Anyway, onto the post!

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Winter Memories by Emily Kerr

Hello, it’s me again!! Two posts in one day is going to be a THING during blogmas this year, so I thought I’d start off on the right note with two on the first day. This is a post about winter memories from romance author Emily Kerr, whose book Duvet Day I absolutely fell in love with a couple of months ago. Onto the post!

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The Presents I’d Give My Characters by Natasha Hastings

Hello, and happy blogmas!! I can’t believe it’s this time already. This year I have a very overambitious 31 day, often multiple posts a day schedule for blogmas, so I really really hope it all comes off and people enjoy it.

To kick us off, we have the wonderful Tasha Hastings with her piece on the presents she’d give the characters of her debut novel the Miraculous Sweetmakers and the Frost Fair. I’m biased cause she’s the best, but her book is the *perfect* thing to pick up now the weather’s getting colder. Onto the post!!

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