September 2022 Releases I’m Excited to Read!

Hello everybody! Today, and I know I’m a little bit late with this seeing as some of these are already out, I’m going to be chatting through all the September relevant I’m excited about and planning to pick up at some point. I’ve obviously taken out all the ones I’ve already read, so without further ado, onto the post!

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Reviews: Pulling Down Stars Just to Make You Glow

Hello everybody! So, as you will know if you read my tweets, I did a 5 star predictions post either earlier this month or last month, and the result of that is that they’re my new obsession in life. So here are 13 books I thought I’d love, and was absolutely spot on about, all of which I obviously recommend very highly. Onto the post!

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Spelling Out August in Books

Hello everybody! Today, I have another installment of the spelling out series, and this time the word is , even though it is now in fact a different month. Onto the post!

A is for… Amber Undercover– I read this super fun story about a girl becoming a spy around this time last year, and I’d actually really love it to be a series because I wanna see the characters again! It’s a bit like Geek Girl, but obviously with spies, and it’s such a good time.

U is for… the Unadoptables– I read this last year, and it’s such a great debut from Hana Tooke. It’s about a group of children deemed “unadoptable” and what happens when they’re then adopted by a man with nefarious intentions. The setting is wonderful and there’s a gorgeous found family vibe!

G is for… Giant– this was a very recent read for me, and you’ll be seeing my review of it soon so I don’t want to give all my thoughts away, but it feels like quite a different book from Nicola Skinner and I was so pleased I still absolutely loved it. U is for…

Uki and the Outcasts– this is the first book in the second trilogy of the Five Realms series, and Uki is such an amazing character that you just fall in love with him instantly. It has some really lovely messages about not fitting in as well.

S is for… the Star Spun Web- this seems especially timely given that Sinéad announced her new book is out in February next year, and this is my favourite of hers so far. It’s such a clever, unique fantasy story and the cover is ridiculously gorgeous.

T is for… the Twyford Code– this is Janice Hallett’s second book, and it’s just as twisty and brilliant and addictive as her first. She’s fast becoming one of my very favourite mystery writers!!

Thank you so much for reading! Which books would you have chosen for these letters? Do you have any thoughts on the books I’ve picked? I’d love to chat in the comments!

Amy xx

The Summer Vibes Book Tag

Hello everybody! Today, I have the summer vibes book tag for you, which I saw on Charlotte’s blog and was created by Deanna. Onto the post!

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Blog Tour Review: My Mum is a Spy! by Jess French and Andy McNab, illustrated by Nathan Reed

Hello everybody! Today, we have a rare Sunday post because I’m on the blog tour for the super funny, animal-centric adventure My Mum is a Spy! with my review. Onto the post!


I hadn’t heard of this prior to being offered a copy, but I’m so glad I was as I had such fun reading it, and as it’s a younger MG, it was perfect as a read-in-one-sitting palate cleanser between some other things I was reading.

It’s the story of Idris and his (not official, but very close to being) step-sister Lucía, who is obsessed with all things spying and is convinced that Idris’s mum Sarah is in fact a spy. So when some pangolins go missing at the local zoo and Idris’s mum goes missing after she is behaving rather oddly on a trip to see what happened, Lucía is seemingly proven right and she teams up with Idris to get his mum back, and find out what happened to the missing animals too.

Idris is very understandably freaked out by all this, and I think it would be impossible for anyone not to empathise with him. Not to mention the fact he absolutely LOVES animals, which I think is one of the very best traits any person can have. Lucía is absolutely hilarious; she is so clever and funny and again, exactly the type of character I love. The plot is super fun and I liked the little twist we got, and the villain is exactly the type of high fashion, very glam person I am always down to love to hate. Obviously I do not condone her love of furs or being vile to animals, to be clear!!

There is a lovely little hint at the end (the last page made me smile SO MUCH, by the way, special shout out to the illustration there!) about what the next book in the series will be, and I’m definitely planning to pick it up because I just had the best time with this book.

Thank you so much for reading! What are your favourite wild animals? Have you read this book, or is it on your TBR? I’d love to have a chat in the comments!

Amy xx

Ember Shadows and the Fates of Mount Never Blog Tour: Author Interview with Rebecca King

Hello everybody! Today, I’m so excited to be sharing my interview with debut author Rebecca King, as part of her blog tour for Ember Shadows and the Fates of Mount Never. Onto the post!

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The Currently Reading Book Tag

Hello everybody! Today, I’m finally doing the Currently Reading book tag, which was created by Charly Reynhorse and I found on Charlotte’s blog. I actually thought I’d done this, but then I checked and it turned out I hadn’t, so figured I should probably do that. Anyway, onto the post!

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Reviews: Summer Lovin’

Hello everybody! Today, I have kind of a random mishmash of things I’ve read in the last couple of months that I wanted to review now, and then I have some slightly more themed ones coming up in the next wee while. I’m trying not to be super rigid with my reading right now so I can mood read, so review posts going forward will probably have less clear themes, which I hope people don’t mind too much. Anyway, onto the post!

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The Last Monster Blog Tour: Guest Post from Dan Walker

Hello everybody! Today, I’m super excited to be sharing a guest post from Dan Walker with you, about the characters in his Light Hunters series. I read the first book last month and really enjoyed it, so I’m hoping to get to the sequel soon. Onto the post!

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Alex Neptune, Dragon Thief Blog Tour: Guest Post by David Owen

Hello everybody! Today, I’m so pleased to be part of the blog tour for David Owen’s first middle grade book Alex Neptune: Dragon Thief with a guest post from David, and even better, today is his book birthday. Onto the post!

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