Character Q&A… Noah Grimes from Noah Can`t Even

Hello everybody!

Today I have a super exciting post to share with you all- a character Q&A with Noah Grimes from the hilarious Noah Can`t Even! I hope you all enjoy reading his answers as much as I did when they pinged into my email inbox…

Hi Noah. Welcome to Golden Books Girl, I`m so excited to have you!

Thank you, Amy. It is a delight and pleasure to be here. I am sick of Simon getting all the glory for what is basically MY WORK. He is like that person who does a group project with you at school, DOES NOTHING, makes you do EVERYTHING, and still takes the credit. Anyway, this is not about him, so let’s get on with it…

For anyone who hasn`t read Noah Can`t Even, can you sum it up in 5 words or less?

Load. Of. Badly. Written. Lies.

On a similar note, can you describe yourself in 140 characters?

Intelligent and nice boy, nearly 16, probably going to be a Prefect next year (not bragging but it’s true).

One of the first things that attracted me to the book was the cover. Did you/Simon have any say on it, and do you feel it suits the book?

No, it was all done with anyone bothering or having the common decency to mention it to me! The cover is appalling and is clearly meant to titillate. I would have preferred a nice flower on the front, a majestic bird of prey, or maybe a picture of all my awards and certificates from school. If the book is about me, shouldn’t the picture be something to do with me?! I don’t even like bananas. They are a devil fruit.

One of my favourite things about the book were the embarrassing situations you got yourself into. If you were to choose your most embarrassing moment ever, what would it be?

Well, the time when I wet myself on the Year 8 trip to the London Dungeon was pretty awful. Everyone thought it was because I was scared when the out-of-work actor dressed up as blood-crazed monster jumped out at me, but the truth was I was suffering from a bladder infection, which is a genuine medical condition and NOT A LAUGHING MATTER. However, everyone did laugh and they had to cordon off a section of the attraction for health and safety reasons. I had to wear a pair of PE shorts for the rest of the day, with no pants underneath, which was very drafty and unpleasant.

And, if you`d like to get your own back on Simon for writing about all of your mishaps, would you be able to tell us one of his most cringeworthy moments?

Oh, I would never be so petty and cruel as to tell you about any of Simon’s cringeworthy moments, like the time he was 13 and doing the high jump at sports day, and was only wearing loose-fitting boxers under his PE shorts, causing him to accidentally reveal his BOY PARTS to the Year 10 girls who were doing the judging… oh whoops, I’ve said it now, oh well. SEE SIMON, IT’S NOT VERY NICE HAVING ALL YOUR PRIVATE EMBARRASSMENTS BROADCAST FOR THE WORLD TO SEE, IS IT?

I know you have a complicated home/school life, and face quite a few problems throughout the book. If a genie granted you three wishes to change anything about your life, what would they be?

To be a self-made multi-billionaire with all the trappings of wealth, including a private island, massive yacht and a Nespresso machine.
For the school to guarantee that I would definitely be Head Boy in the Sixth Form, and it didn’t need to be voted on or anything.
For gran not to have dementia and to be alive as long as I was.

Related to the above question, if anyone reading was facing similar issues to you, what advice would you give them?

Talk to a responsible adult. Unfortunately, all the adults in my life are COMPLETE MORONS who are SELFISH and completely wrapped up in their own SORRY CATASTROPHES of lives, so are useless and I’m better off sorting things out myself. (Except for Gran, of course, who is quite helpful, so if you’ve got a gran you’ll probably be OK).

From reading the book, I don’t think you`ve ever been abroad on holiday. If you could choose any country to visit, where would you want to go and what would you want to do there? And who would you take with you?

Well, NOT FRANCE, because of the incident on the Year 8 French residential trip… um, maybe Iceland, because I don’t really like a lot of heat / people being naked on the beach, and Iceland is nice and cold. I would definitely take Harry as he is my favourite person and the ideal travel companion in that he doesn’t selfishly hog all the arm-rest.

Tell us 5 random facts about you, preferably ones that DON`T appear in Noah Can`t Even

My middle name is a closely guarded secret. It begins with ‘O’ but that’s as much as I will tell you – other than it was my mother having a laugh.
I can’t do mental arithmetic.
My favourite breakfast cereal is Coco Pops.
When nobody is looking I sometimes still get my Lego out and build designs for airports, high security vaults and secret government research facilities because I find it quite interesting and it’s a legitimate academic exercise, I’m not playing with toys or anything.
My favourite Agatha Christie novel is ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’.

Finally, can you give us any juicy titbits about your 2nd adventure, which I believe Simon is currently writing?

Well, it all starts when the French Exchange students come to visit, and like everything in my life, nothing runs smoothly. There’s a drag queen involved, quite a lot of cheese, and an aggressive goose.

Quick-fire round:

Favourite animal?

A Noah-potamus. Lol!

Favourite chocolate bar?

A Cadbury’s Flake. Very sensuous!

Haribo or Skittles?

I like both, but probably Skittles because they’re just a bit more mature, you know? Haribo is kind of for kids really.

Miss Marple or Poirot?

Miss Marple. Especially when she is played by Joan Hickson, who was my favourite TV Miss Marple ever.

Inspired by your mum`s job- Beyoncé or Jay-Z?

My mother and her excuse for a ‘tribute act’ has put me off all forms of popular music. Instead, I enjoy listening to my ‘Spa Reflections’ album, which is a compilation of haunting chords and various wispy sounds of waves and wind, designed to relax you, during a massage treatment, for example.

Thanks again for being interviewed Noah. Hope you enjoyed answering these as much as I enjoyed writing them 🙂

Thank you. I feel I have been a good guest and I’m sure you are grateful. May I just remind everyone that I am on Twitter – @noahgrimes12 – unlike certain members of my Year who are busy snap-chatting appalling parts of their body to one another, I am making witty observations and informing people about my life, like a responsible, law-abiding citizen.

Thank you all so much for reading my interview with Noah, I hope you enjoyed it! If you did, I seriously recommend following both Noah and Simon on Twitter; they`re hilarious! If you`ve read Noah Can`t Even, I`d love to hear what you think of it in the comments below or on my Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl

See you soon with a new post,
Amy xxx

Summer Holiday Book Bonanza!

Hi everyone!

Today, I’m going to show you all the books I’ve bought whilst I’ve been away on holiday this month. I am addicted to books and have no self control, so let’s get started as there’s quite a few!

These books are all ones I’ve already read; I read Moonlocket when it came out and enjoyed it so much I wanted my own copy, and I read Moxie a couple of weeks ago and thought it was superb. I mainly bought the Emery Lord books for their stunning covers, and I really enjoyed reading them last week. Keep an eye out for my reviews of Moxie, The Start of Me and You, and the Names They Gave Us in my July Wrap Up on Saturday!


My next three picks were all some exciting middle grade novels. Polly Ho-Yen’s debut the Boy in the Tower is one of the best books I’ve ever read so I can’t wait to get stuck into Fly Me Home, I finally remembered to order the 4th Sophie Cleverly book The Lights Under the Lake, and I also got The Griffin’s Feather by Cornelia Funke since it was Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month and the bookseller recommended it.


My other middle grade choices were The Boy Who Went Magic by A.P Winter, which I read a teaser of and have wanted ever since, and Being Miss Nobody by Tamsin Winter, which I’ve heard phenomenal things about.


The next four books I bought are ones I really want to read before the end of my summer holidays, as they look like brilliant sunshine reads ; Piglettes by Clementine Beauvais (which I mainly chose as my friend Louise from Book Murmuration highly recommends it), One Silver Summer by Rachel Hickman, If Birds Fly Back by Carlie Sorosiak,and the Girl’s Guide to Summer by Sarah Mlyknowski.


My last two books from Waterstones were both YAs; I’ve wanted to read Under Rose Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall ever since it came out, and even though I only read Songs About a Girl a few months ago I’ve been eagerly anticipating the sequel Songs About Us ever since.



My last 3 choices were from WH Smith’s 3 for 2 offer, and with the exception of the Moonlight Dreamers which I’ve had my eye on for a while, they were chosen just on the basis of reading their blurbs.

Did you buy any books during July? What do you think of my choices? I’d love to hear from you in the comments or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl 

Amy x



The Books Which Made Me a Reader

Hello everyone!

Linked to the guest post I had on Tuesday, by the fantastic Zoe of No Safer Place, today I’ve decided to talk about the books which had the biggest impact on me when I was younger and that made me want to keep reading.

1. Pony Club Secrets by Stacy Gregg – this is one of the first series I remember loving, and I still reread them at least once a year (usually more). I had a thing until I was about 11 that I barely ever read new books and only reread them, but every time a new book about Issie and her dreams of being an equestrian superstar came out I had it devoured in a single night. These have recently been rereleased with STUNNING new covers (which I am only just managing to resist buying), so if you ever fancy a thoroughly enjoyable adventure with horses, romance, friendship and a little bit of magic, these are perfect for you.


2. Mates, Dates series by Cathy Hopkins- even though these sailed over my head quite a bit when I read them, I still really liked them. They, along with other of Cathy’s books (such as Zodiac Girls, which were what interested me in star signs and where most of my knowledge about them comes from), were books that I absolutely loved and are one of the reasons I still love funny contemporaries.


3. Electra Brown series by Helen Bailey- As you’ll know if you read my post last Saturday, another series that had a huge impact on me was Electra Brown.  This series was, and is, incredibly special to me, as it not only made me laugh and cry along with Electra and her friends, but taught me about some important issues. If you’d like to read the post about what this series means to me, click here.



4. Ally’s World by Karen McCombie- Even though this wasn’t the first Karen McCombie series I read, and I read them all out of order, these are by far my favourite Karen McCombie books. They’re funny, quirky, light reads with unforgettably wonderful characters and a big family dynamic I just love.


5. The Babysitter’s Club by Ann M. Martin- These are probably quite a weird choice for someone my age, but hear me out. I can’t remember how old I was when I started reading the BSC but I do remember that I thought they sounded pretty boring when they were given to me. I was pretty bored when I picked one up (Mystery #15, Kristy and the Vampires, if you’re interested) and I was also pretty confused as I didn’t know any of the characters, but it made me want to read the rest. I don’t think I’ve read every single one (in my defence, there’s are a lot of them!) but I’ve read the majority, and working my way through these made up most of my reading for over a year. I’ll admit I find a few of the normal ones a little boring these days, but I still love to reread the mysteries and super specials now.


6. Malory Towers series by Enid Blyton- this list would never be complete without a bit of Blyton! I’ve enjoyed most Enid Blytons I’ve read, but Malory Towers have to be very favourite. I think I especially love these as a lot of the characters are actually quite flawed and layered, and I think each book captures the overall spirit of the series but feels unique. My other favourite Enid Blyton books are the extremely underrated Five Find Outers books (MUCH better than the Famous Five in my opinion.) but I didn’t read them till a bit later in my reading life.


7.  Adventure Island by Helen Moss- It’s very rare that a series which promises to be like Enid Blyton delivers, let alone exceed Enid Blyton. I read this in the summer holiday of 2012 and devoured the rest of the series the same year, and waited eagerly for the rest to be released in 2013. These were The Books that introduced me to my love of mysteries, and to this day most of the books I love contain mystery in some way, shape or form. Not to mention the fact that the first review I ever wrote was for Adventure Island, so without these books this blog probably wouldn’t exist!


So, these are the books that have had the biggest impact on me and my reading, what are yours? I’d love to know either in the comments or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl.

Amy xxx

The Ice Lolly Book Tag

Hi everybody!

Today I’m writing a book tag post, but you may not have heard of this tag yet, as CharlotteLouise and I decided to make one to celebrate summer (which was a very, very fun Twitter conversation!). The idea is comparing books to ice cream, and as I love both I can’t think of anything better.

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Guest Post: The Books Which Made Me a Reader

Hi everybody! Today, I’m super excited to welcome lovely Zoe from No Safer Place to the blog to talk about books which made her a reader. If you’d like to know mine, check back for my post on Saturday! 

Amy x

Now for Zoe’s brilliant post, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading!


I think there are moments in your life where you read a book and they remind you of why you became a reader in the first place. Over the years, I’ve had many moments like this but there are a special few that I will always carry with me. Many of these moments were books I read as a child, these were the ones that ignited my love for reading and would change my life forever.

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Helen Bailey: A Tragic Loss of Life

Hi everybody.

Today’s post is something a little bit different, and I’ve found it very emotional to write. I’d be really grateful if you could let me know your thoughts about it in the comments or on Twitter.

One year ago today, news broke that the body of Helen Bailey had been found, along with her dog Rufus in her septic tank. Both had been murdered by her partner.

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My Top Ten Disney Films

Hi everybody!

Today I thought it might be fun to talk about something else I love except for books; Disney films! Let’s get started 😊

In no particular order…


Brother Bear- This isn’t one if I’ve ever seen on anyone else’s favourites lists, but I adore this film. The animation is stunning, the friendship between Koda and Kenai warms my heart (Koda is one of the sweetest characters ever) and it just has a lovely message.


Zootropolis- This is one of Disney’s latest films, but it’s already on my favourites list. I’ve already seen it about 5 times. The characters are brilliant and their love/hate relationship is hilarious, not to mention the laugh-out-loud funny sloth scene and Mr Big. This will make you laugh, cry and laugh some more by the time you’re finished and the reveal of the villain was actually pretty surprising.


The Aristocats- If for nothing else (and there are lots of things to love about this film, trust me) watch this for the fabulous ‘Everybody Wants to be a Cat’. I want to dance just thinking about that song!


Bolt- Even though this is really hard to watch as I love animals and the sad parts make me sob, this is just a lovely film. Bolt is one of my favourite characters ever and I just love the story. Plus, the song that plays over the end credits is beautiful.


Pocahontas- This film has utterly captivating animation, the soundtrack is hauntingly beautiful and the love story is epic. It also features one of my favourite Disney sidekicks, Meeko the raccoon.(And the little pug too!) 


Finding Nemo- I didn’t love Nemo the 1st time I saw it, but I completely adored it when I  watched it last year before going to the cinema to see Funding Dory. Nemo is a lovely character, and this is just a super sweet film. Fun fact: CJ from the West Wing (Allison Janney), voices one of the fish Nemo meets in the fishtank.


Lady and the Tramp- I think the picture above says it all. This film is just a delight from start to finish!


Frozen- This is another fairly new Disney film, but it’s magical. I’ll admit my favourite part of this film is Olaf (he is probably my favourite ever sidekick, I just love him), but some of the soundtrack is phenomenal and I love that this is more about love between sisters than romantic love.


Bonus pick- Bambi. This isn’t as zingy or in your face as modern Disney films, but I love how gentle it is. If you want a heartwarming, lovely film with animals that you can properly just relax with, watch Bambi. You won’t regret it!

Now for my joint favourite Disney films.


Tangled- This marked a huge occasion for Disney, their 50th film, and I think this more than rises to the occasion. This has everything you could want from a Disney film; a great heroine, a love interest with an actual personality/plot of their own, a love story based on friendship, an evil villain, good songs (I especially love the Grace Potter song which plays on the end credits) and not one but TWO hilarious sidekicks in Maximus and Pascal.


The Lion King- This is a masterpiece. I honestly think of words to describe how special this film is. Simba is a total sweetheart of a protagonist and I love his development throughout the film from a young cub to a brave lion. Scar is so menacing that I even get a bit quivery watching him (and ‘Be Prepared’ is the best villain song which exists.). Just writing this makes me want to rewatch, so I think I might go and do that actually ! 

So there you have it, my top ten Disney Films! This was unbelievably tough to pick, so I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it 😊. I’d love to know yours, so please do leave me a comment or let me known on my Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl.

See you soon with a new post!

Amy x



Review: The Soterion Mission Trilogy by Stewart Ross

Hi everybody!

Hope your week is off to a great start. Today, I’m reviewing The Soterion Mission Trilogy. I’d love to know what you think of these books in the comments or on Twitter if you’ve read them. 

Amy x

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LGBTQIA Read Wrap-Up

Hello everybody! Its the weekend, yay! Today I'm sharing my reviews for the books I read during the #LGBTQIARead, which was hosted from 24th June-1st July by Faye from A Daydreamer`s Thoughts and George Lester (who is one of my very favourite YouTubers). I read some fabulous books during this ( even though I didn’t read everything from my TBR, which you can read here)

Along with the books I`ll be reviewing below, I also reread Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli, which I loved even more this time round.

Let`s get onto the reviews!

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