Spelling Purple in Books

Hello everybody! So, last year I did a post every single month where I spelled out months with book titles, and I wanted to keep the tradition going but change things up a bit.

I’ve asked friends and followers for some suggestions and have a couple but need more, so if you see this please do send one in! Anyway, onto our first word of the year, purple!

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An Autumn Christmas by Emma Finlayson-Palmer

Hello everybody! Seeing as we’re now less than a week away from Christmas (how has that happened?!), the majority of blogmas content this week will be about how characters are going to be spending Christmas. Today’s installment is from Emma Finlayson-Palmer, who’s written about her character Autumn Moonbeam and her family/friends. Onto the post!

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With Love, From Lizzie Chu by Maisie Chan

Hello everybody! Happy day 9 of blogmas! I’ve not managed any two post days so far this week, but I’ll be starting to make it up to you today. For our first one, here is a letter Maisie Chan wrote from the POV of her character Lizzie Chu, whose gran recently died. Onto the post!

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Merry Blogmas from The Secrets Act by Alison Weatherby

Hello everybody, and welcome to day 7 of blogmas! Today we have the wonderful Alison Weatherby, who has written about the gifts her characters would give one another at Christmas time. Onto the post!

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Books I’d love to see under everyone else’s trees by Ravena Guron

Hello everybody! Can you believe it’s already December 6th? One of my favourite things to gift people is definitely books, and I’m sure that’s true of lots of us. It’s certainly true for 2023 debut Ravena Guron, who’s written a literary gift guide. I’m so excited to read her book, and hope you enjoy her post!

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I Love Christmas by Fiona Barker

Hello everybody! I can’t believe this is already day 4 of blogmas, it’s absolutely flying by. Today’s post is from picture book author Fiona Barker, and it’s about why she loves Christmas and the inspirations behind her wintry books. Onto the post!

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Spelling November in Books

Hello everybody! Today, I’m back with the penultimate installment in the spelling months with books series, for my birth month November. Onto the post!

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The Birthday Book Tag ~ 21st birthday edition

Hiiiiii! Did you know it was my 21st birthday yesterday? If not, it was!! I’ve answered the birthday book tag to celebrate, which I found on Lois’s blog. Onto the post!

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Reviews: Heaven Sent, part 2

Hello everybody! Today, I’m back with another (very overdue) review post, even though it’s very overdue (the original date in my diary for this was October 15th, besties), and these are all books I’m delighted to have been sent by the publishers and thoroughly enjoyed. From now on, these posts will be probably be called heaven sent, because I just love it as a title, and it’s such a great song by SPINN! Onto the post!

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The Pride and Prejudice Book Tag

Hello everybody! Today, I have a book tag for you, which I found on Turn Another Page. I’ve actually never read Pride and Prejudice, or any Jane Austen for that matter, BUT I thought these questions were fun and fancied giving it a go. So here we are, onto the post!

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