Five Cover Songs I Love #3

Hello everybody! Today, I’m doing another post about cover songs I love, because it’s been ages since I have and I have lots of new (to me) ones I want to chat about! Onto the post!


Slow Hands by Ten Tonnes– I think I discovered this after watching a live performance of G.I.V.E, and it’s just perfection. I really didn’t like this song till I heard this version (largely because I think the lyrics aim at sexy and miss quite badly in places… looking at you, line about sweat and dirty laundry!), but this version feels a lot more convincing to me.

Lean On by Oh Wonder– this song is GORGEOUS when it’s done stripped back, and Oh Wonder’s is the best ever. They sound stunning together, as always, and I just love them a lot. The bit where they sing noises that sound like burrito is odd though.

Crazy in Love by Oh Wonder-if you’re much more into the Béyoncé version than I am, I don’t think you’ll love this as much as I do, but I can’t get enough of it. I LOVE the way they’ve rearranged it to suit their voices and styles, and changing the “oh oh'” bit to be just guitar is genius and sounds so good. Can you tell I’ve got obsessed with Oh Wonder this year?

What’s the Story, Morning Glory by Sam Fender– I’d never really heard much Oasis prior to this year and then I saw a couple of performances by the Gallagher Brothers separately on TV and I’m quite into what I’ve heard, which being honest, I hadn’t expected. I then found this BRILLIANT cover of Morning Glory by Sam Fender, who I am very into currently (a post about Hypersonic Missiles is hopefully imminent, in which I will gush like mad about the titular song!) And fell in love with it- his voice just sounds amazing in this.

Shadowplay by the Killers– I do like the original Joy Division song, but the Killers’ cover wins on account of having better guitars and being arranged in a more interesting way. Also, they capture the creepy vibes much better since that suits Brandon’s voice so well.

Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright by George Ezra– bonus extra pick here despite the title because I watched his Isle of Wight performance with this is in it courtesy of the BBC coverage and it was such a beautiful part of the set- which I cried through most of because I have no chill when it comes to George Ezra. I also really recommend his version of I Try by Macy Grey, because it’s so gorgeous and I can’t not mention it when I’m talking about incredible covers.

Have you heard any amazing covers recently? Are you planning to listen to any I’ve mentioned? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


5 More Cover Songs I Love

Hello everybody! Today, I’m doing a part 2 for a post I did last year about my favourite cover songs, because since that post I have discovered enough absolute gems that I needed to talk about them! (Though I do still love all the ones on my original list, and highly recommend checking those out too!). Onto the post!

IDGAF by Panic! at the Disco– the first reason I love this is that’s it’s how I discovered Panic!, who are now right, right up there in terms of my favourite artists and I adore them beyond words. I also love this song and how sassy it is, and Brendon’s delivery is exceptional- mostly because the song suits his vocal range really well and showcases every part of it. I also loved it as an introduction to the rest of the band, and it cemented Nicole and Dan as my faves long before I’d researched the band’s long and complicated history! Nicole’s backing vocals are particularly notable. I’d pay good money for an uncensored version from PATD, honestly, not least because if they did it now Mike would be in it instead of Kenny.

Here by Troye Sivan ooh, I love this. I’ve always thought this song was really great even though I don’t like the way the original (by Alessia Cara) is sung, and this just delivers everything I wanted from it so well. The emotion the song tries to put over comes through perfectly, and it’s such a fun performance where you can tell Troye is having a lot of fun! Major respect for him being able to breathe all the way through too as well, because WOW is this song demanding vocally. I listened to it on repeat for DAYS when I heard it, and even now it never doesn’t impress me.

Avant Gardener by Gordi– this song is legit one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Again, I don’t like the original at all, but this piano cover by Gordi gives more weight and meaning and melancholy beautiful to these lyrics, which are about someone having a panic attack. It’s beyond stunning, it makes me absolutely weep. The use of metaphor in places is just so creative and clever too (like, who’d have thought WEETABIX would be part of one of the most emotive and perfect metaphors ever? Not me). I also love the lack of structure, because it suits the song and the narrator so well, and just ugh. I can’t put this into words.

Somebody To Loves Me by Troye Sivan/Dua Lipa– can you tell I’ve got really into Troye Sivan recently? This is another cover from his Blue Neighbourhood days, featuring Dua Lipa who was an opening artist on his Suburbia tour. This song is ridiculously catchy, I love both Troye and Dua’s voices and it’s head and shoulders above the original. Also the harmonies are killer. Yip, I’m a fan of this for sure.

Swingin’ Party by Lorde– well, first of all, this plays just before a super iconic Dynasty scene so it has my heart just for that, but I do think it’s a brilliant song too. It’s quite hard to work out the meaning of, but after a few listens you can get an idea, and I think Lorde’s vocals suit the dark feel of it perfectly. It gives me absolute goosebumps and I can never listen to it just once any time I play it.

What are your favourite cover songs? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Amy x

My Five Favourite Cover Songs

Hello everybody! Today, I thought it’d be fun to talk about some of my very favourite covers that artists I like have done. Onto the post!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (George Ezra)- George has done a variety of amazing covers in the Live Lounge, but I just had to pick this given that I adore it, but detest the original to the point I can’t even listen to it. I love how different this version is, and the fact George often slips the word Ezra into his covers somewhere.

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Mayré Martinez and Rafael de la Fuente)- I found this because I love Rafael in Dynasty, and I think this is a fabulous song, even though I didn’t love the original. His voice is wonderful, and at lots of pitches too, and he and Mayré sound beautiful together. I really wish they’d do a few more songs than they already have together.

Psycho (Shawn Mendes) I didn’t expect to enjoy this- I knew it wasn’t the sort of thing I tend to like- but Shawn made it into his style, and I like it a lot. It’s been stuck in my head for days now, as I write this! His cover of Here by Alessia Cara is fab as well!

Riptide (Taylor Swift) this was the first time I’d ever heard this song, and I fell in love with it. I love Taylor Swift during all her eras, and I really love her pop stuff, but if you’re especially into her ballads you should check this out for sure. It’s much slower than Vance Joy’s orginal version, which I also love, which makes it much easier to sing along with!

Somewhere Only We Know (Lily Allen)– I think this song, originally by Keane, is stunning, and this is my favourite version of it. It just sounds utterly beautiful, and the John Lewis Christmas ad it accompanied in 2013 was heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measures, which is how I think of this song. I don’t feel like Lily Allen was the obvious choice to sing it, but for me, she was the perfect one.

What cover versions do you love? Are you a fan of any I’ve mentioned too, or will you maybe check them out after this post? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl!

Amy xxx

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