Disability and Friendship by Courtney Smyth

Hello everybody! Today, for my last post of May, I have a great piece from upcoming debut author of the Undetectables, Courtney Smyth. They’ve written about disability and friendship, which isn’t discussed nearly enough. Onto the post!

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Author Interview with Jenny Ireland

Hello everybody! Today, I’m so thrilled to finally be bringing you another post as part of my #AreYouWithUs initiative, which will now likely continue into June as I just haven’t been able to fit everything I have planned into May. Today is an interview with 2023 debut author Jenny Ireland, who wrote one of my favourites of the year so far. Onto the post!

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Ten Books on My #AreYouWithUs TBR This Month!

Hello everybody! Today, for the first #AreYouWithUs post, of which I hope there shall be many amongst standard ones this month, I’m bringing you a little TBR post about some of my hopeful reads (again, alongside other things, and there are more disability rep books I hope to pick up as well). Anyway, onto the post!

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Christmas crackers for Alice and co! by Emily Kenny

Hello everybody! I can hardly believe that it’s Christmas Eve Eve, and that we only have just over a week left of 31 days of blogmas. Today’s (first) post is from Emily Kenny, author of the wonderful Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks. Onto the post!

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let’s talk about disability rep

Hi, it’s me again!!! Not every post this year is Christmassy, I’ve got to confess to you (and this is largely my fault, because I have a couple non-Christmassy things I don’t want to wait till January to share). Onto the post!

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