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Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be taking part in the Shawn Mendes Book Tag, which has prompts related to songs from his recent self titled album, and I was tagged for by its creator Janay. Onto the post!

In My Blood – A book that deals with anxiety

Evie from Am I Normal Yet is in recovery for OCD and generalised anxiety disorder when we meet her, and it’s heartbreaking watching her relapse throughout the book. It’s amazing, and I also really love the humour within it and the friendship between Evie, Anber and Lottie. And the awesome, feminist club they create too, of course. The whole Spinster Club trilogy is brilliant!

Nervous – A book you were nervous to read because it might not live up to your expectations

I get really nervous when I start lots of books I’ve been really excited for in case they aren’t as good as I want them to be, but I waited nearly a full year before reading the Secret of Supernatural Creek and really liking it.

Lost In Japan – A book set in Japan or that references Japanese culture

Model Misfit, which is probably be my favourite of the Geek Girl series, takes place in Tokyo when Harriet travels there for a major modelling job, and I really like the atmosphere of the setting. Seven Days of You is also a really good read that’s set in Tokyo.

Where Were You In The Morning? – A book you were still thinking about the morning after you finished it

Oh, so many. The main one I can think of is Cat Clarke’s the Lost and the Found, the ending of which I think about at least once a week.

Like To Be You (feat. Julia Michaels) – A character that’s very different to you that you would be interested in swapping places with for a day

I’d love to swap places with Ruby from When the Mountains Roared (which is one of my absolute favourites of this year so far; it’s by Jess Butterworth and sees Ruby move from Australia to India, cope with the grief of losing her mother to a car crash and bring down a poaching plot with a friend). Other than loving animals we’re not that similar, and I’d really love the chance to meet her animals for the day.

Fallin’ All In You – A book character that you could see yourself falling in love with

Nick from Geek Girl because he makes me laugh and I love him, and also Matt from Open Road Summer because he’s brilliant, a musician and has the sort of tattoo (song lyrics you find meaningful) I want to get once I can.

Particular Taste – Your favourite genre and one of your favourite book from that genre

One of my favourite genres is mystery, and my favourite mysteries by far are the books the Murder Most Unladylike series, which are about schoolgirl sleuths Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong. I absolutely adore everything about them!

Why – A book that makes you wonder why it took so long for you to finally read it

I read the first book of the Blood for Blood trilogy at the very start of 2017, and it took me till this March to read books 2 and 3. I enjoyed Vendetta but wasn’t blown away, but I was kicking myself for waiting so long when I read Inferno and Mafiosa because they were INCREDIBLE.

Because I Had You – A book you love so much that it makes you feel like you don’t need any other book in your life

I love far too many books to answer this 😂. Since I’ve referenced the main other favourites I can think of, I’ll say Boy in the Tower, which is an MG book that I always struggle to pinpoint a genre for. If you’ve read basically any tag I’ve ever done, you’ll know all about it, but if you’ve not, it’s about a boy called Ade who cannot leave his tower even though mysterious blue plants are causing them all to fall down.

Queen- A character who thinks they’re superior or in charge and acts like a queen

Vivienne from Becoming Betty, which I read in 2017 and really liked, acts like she’s superior and so much cooler and better than main character Lizzie. The book is fantastic, andI wish I heard more people talking about it.

Youth (feat. Khalid) – A book that reminds you of your childhood

Pony Club Secrets was my very favourite series when I was younger; they’re about a girl called Issie as she attends pony club in New Zealand, goes to different places and meets new horses and eventually starts off on the path to becoming a professional three day eventer. Getting a new one of these was the most exciting thing EVER.

Mutual – A book both you and a friend agree is amazing

I recommended the Nowhere Emporium to Amy, and I was SO happy when she loved it as much as I do! It’s such a magical book, about a shop powered by imagination that produces wonders for the public to see when an orphan called Daniel goes to live there and then the shop’s owner Mr Silver goes missing.

Perfectly Wrong – A character that you love but probably shouldn’t

The only thing I can think of is Hugo from Floored, because after some chinks in his armour of bravado and being a bit of a twit are revealed I started to feel quite sorry for him, and I liked his character development towards the end.

When You’re Ready – An author that you are waiting on to release their next book

There are SO many, but the next thing I’m absolutely DYING to get my hands on is Death inthe Spotlight by Robin Stevens, which is the 7th book in the series and will be taking place in a theatre.

I tag Aimee, because I know she loves Shawn Mendes

If you’d like to read my thoughts about this album, you can do that here.

What’s your favourite of the songs from the album? What are your thoughts on the books I’ve mentioned? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl!

Amy x


My Thoughts on Shawn Mendes

Hello everybody!

Today, I’m going to be talking about my thoughts on Shawn Mendes (the album, not the singer himself), and all of the songs on it. Onto the post!


In My Blood– this song is about being in an incredibly low place, but pushing yourself to overcome it. It’s something almost everyone can relate to in some way, and I was quite emotional when I first listened to it. A powerful first single and opening to the album.

Nervous– while I don’t love the slow verses of this, I still love how Shawn’s voice sounds on it, and the chorus is great. I also think the bridge is fantastic (I am, possibly weirdly, a total sucker for a good bridge. Please reassure me that other people have parts of songs that are typically their favourite!)

Lost in Japan– this is very R and B in sound, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like it, as I wasn’t sure I would initially! I love the concept of it, and I think it was another excellent choice for a single.

Where Were You in the Morning?- this title is, as Shawn put it in an interview, quite self-explanatory, and I really like it. His falsetto on the chorus is fabulous, and I love the instrumentals too. The cool, confident vibe of the lyrics is fab as well.

Like to be You (feat. Julia Michaels) – this is hands down my favourite of this album. It’s about a couple just after an argument, and them wanting to know what the other is thinking. I think the conversational style and the concept are so unique, and Shawn and Julia’s vocals are strong separately and when they come together. The way their voices blend is beyond stunning.

Fallin’ All in You– while I don’t really love Ed Sheeran as an artist (I don’t hate him, he’s just not someone I personally listen to unless he’s on the radio), I think his songs are generally really well written, and his involvement in this song definetely shines through. It’s a tender love song that tells a story, and it’s a super lovely ballad.

Particular Taste– this is, along with Lost in Japan, the mosy R and B song on the album. I initially thought I’d hate this (and LiJ), but I like it a lot! It’s a total earworm, and it’s just so fun to listen to.

Why– this is a stunning ballad, and it’s about someone wondering why they and the person they love (who loves them back) don’t just get together. It definitely brought a few tears to my eye

Because I Had You– this one is about moving onto a new relationship, and I am obsessed with the melody. OBSESSED. It reminds me a bit of Justin Bieber’s for Love Yourself, but it’s different too, and there’s something about it I just love.

Queen– this is the third in my top 3, and it’s about someone who acts like they’re above everyone else. Like In My Blood, I think that’s something most people will have experienced in one way or another, and I have a feeling it’ll be deeply cathartic to sing this after the next time I come into contact with a person like that. And possibly hum under my breath while I’m near them… The lyrics are suitably scathing for the topic, and I really like this.

Youth (feat. Khalid)- this is such a powerful, timely song; it’s about not letting tragedies in the news affect our view of the world, and it’s beautiful. The message is needed and important. Aside from how much I love it in that sense, I also liked Khalid’s voice, as well as his harmonies with Shawn, even though I’ve never heard of him before.

Mutual– this is about someone wondering whether or not the other person in a relationship feels as strongly about them, and it’s my 2nd favourite of the album. The alt rock/pop mix (which is how I’d describe it, and would love to know if you agree) is amazing, and it’s so catchy and cutting and downright delightful.

Perfectly Wrong– this is another ballad, and it’s even more emotional than Why; it’s about two people who are together, and are bad for each other and yet perfect for each other at the same time. The simple piano backing is absolutely fitting, and it’s so raw and emotional.

When You’re Ready– this is so sweet! I love the lyrics, I adore the melody and I think it’s a gorgeous end to to a fabulous album. It’s super cute and catchy.

What are your thoughts on this album? What are your favourite songs, and do we have in any in common? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl!

Amy xxx

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