Winter Reads by Nicola Penfold

Hello everybody! Today, to start us off on the penultimate day of blogmas, we have the wonderful Nicola Penfold sharing her favourite winter stories. Onto the post!

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My Favourite Christmas Books by Helen Peters

Hello everybody! Today, I’m bringing you some wintry reading recommendations from Helen Peters, author of many lovely middle grade books. Onto the post!

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Ten Books on my Winter 2022/3 TBR List

Hello everybody! So, today, I thought I’d take part in the Top Ten Tuesday theme of sharing your winter TBR, but I do also have a confession to make. I’ve only read a couple of my autumn list, at best… Lots of them are still very much on my list to get to at some point soon (especially Percy Jackson!!!), but I also don’t want to just repeat them all. So here is a new list, onto the post!

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