Author Interview with Lillie Lainoff

Hello everybody! Today, I’m super excited to be welcoming Lillie Lainoff, YA debut author of One for All, to the blog for an interview. Onto the post!

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Spelling January in Books

Hello everybody! Today I’m so excited to be starting a new little project on my blog, where every month (just whenever in the month suits my posting schedule), I will be spelling out the month we’re currently in and recommending a book for each letter.

I thought this would be a really fun way to kind of pick out books that I don’t talk about enough and to add a bit more of a random element to it than a Tag post or a very specific sort of reviews post. And then if it goes well, I’d love to get reader suggestions for words for each month of next year. Anyway, onto the post itself!

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Guest Post: Why the End of the World is never The End of the World in YA fiction by Melissa Welliver

Hello everybody! Today, for my final post of 2021, I’m thrilled to welcome YA author Melissa Welliver with her guest piece on why she loves post-apocalyptic fiction, and which ones she’s most anticipating in 2022. I have to admit I am definitely someone who craves romance and comedy and feel good fiction, but I loved reading this post and I hope you do too! Over to Melissa!

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