Review Policy/Contact Info

I am happy to consider all review requests in the middle grade and young adult age groups, except for self published novels, unless I am already in contact with an author or their freelance publicist.

I am unable to accept ebook requests for several reasons and will only accept physical copies of a book to review if it sounds like something I will be interested in.

My favourite genres within the age categories I review include mystery/adventure, historical/timeslip, fantasy, magical realism, romance and contemporary.

I am also happy to consider adult requests in romance/contemporary.

I am very picky with sci-fi, dystopia and horror, and rarely read them. Therefore I am unlikely to accept requests in those genres.

I will provide an honest review of my opinions about the book, but I will not review the book if I really didn’t enjoy it as I prefer my blog to focus more on the positives of books than the negatives, and would contact you to let you know this. Only 3 stars and above reviews appear on this blog.

I also cannot guarantee a time frame of when I will read and review the book, unless you have a specific time frame in mind (which I will let you know if I am able to achieve when you get in touch).

Additionally, you should note that apart from special requests e.g. as part of blog tours, I review all books I read in one monthly post with all books I read the previous month.

Please don’t get in touch unless you are happy with this policy. If this policy has clearly not been read I will not enter into correspondence with you.

I am also happy to consider requests to be part of blog tours/for author interviews as I personally enjoy reading that type of post and would absolutely love to host them here at Golden Books Girl.

If you would like to ask me to review a book/take part in a blog tour or have any other requests please email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Amy 💜

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