My 5 Favourite Christmas Films

Hello everybody, and welcome to day 12 of blogmas!

Today, I’m going to be chatting about my favourite Christmas films. Onto the post!


Miracle on 34th Street (1994)-
this is my very, very favourite Christmas film. Everything about it is magical and it never fails to make me feel more Christmassy afterwards. Mara Wilson is just exceptional in it, and Richard Attenborough pulls off the real Santa vibe perfectly. If you don’t know what this film is about, it’s the story of a little girl called Susan as she tries to convince her department store organiser mum that the Santa she’s hired is the real deal, and also them saving the store from closure.

The Snowman/The Snowman and the Snowdog
– I used to find these incredibly dull when I was younger but I adore them now. They have a really classic, cosy sort of feel to them,they capture a very special idea of winter magic and the endings never fail to make me cry. The characters never speak, but I’m still incredibly invested in them and their story.

– I think this is on a lot of lists with this title, and it is well deserved. It’s a lot sillier humour than I’d usually go for in some scenes but I think Will Ferrell pulls off Buddy’s hyper, super sweet character off well and I love the focus on finding your family and yourself.

Arthur Christmas
– this is one I have to be in a particular mood for, but I love the modern take on the Santa story, and Arthur is a lovely character who I really rooted for. It’s about Santa’s younger son, who is a bit of a black sheep in his family, as he sets off to deliver a present left behind in the North Pole to a little girl called Gwen.

– is Frozen a Christmas film? I’m not sure, but I’m counting it because a) it’s set in Winter and b) I went to see it just after Christmas in 2013 (HOW CAN THIS FILM BE 4 YEARS OLD ALREADY?!). I love the music, I love the characters (especially Olaf, who I adore with my whole heart) and I love the animation work itself, which is stunning. I own the singalong addition for added fun too 😁

Thank you so much for reading! What are your favourite Christmas films? Do we share any choices? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

Amy xxx 


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18 thoughts on “My 5 Favourite Christmas Films”

  1. I adore Arthur Christmas! It’s one of my absolute favourite Christmas films. I also like Elf and I’m a big Frozen fan. The Snowman and The Snowman & The Snowdog I found too sad and cried through the second one. Anything that mentions a dead dog sets me off. I love the Nativity! movies. I know they are completely daft, the scenarios would never happen as they appear in the films but the way I see it, it’s a bit of fun, they’re all improvised (kids doing improv – that’s tricky!) and the songs are soo so good! x

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  2. I adore Arthur Christmas! It is such a good Christmas film and the Snowman always makes me cry so I have to watch the Snowdog straight away to cheer me up. Another Christmas film I love is the Muppets Christmas Carol!

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  3. I did a festive film marathon recently and watched 20 Christmas movies for my blog. Crazy hey! 😝 So I would defo agree that Elf, Miracle on 34th Street and Arthur Christmas are brilliant! I haven’t seen Frozen or Snowman Snowdog so I’ll defo add them to my ones to watch!

    I would also recommend Jack Frost and Fred Claus. I had never heard of them but they are great festive films!

    Brilliant post xx

    Bexa |

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  4. My favorites are: 1) A Christmas story – never laughed so hard 2) Love Actually – cried and laughed and 3) When Harry Met Sally, which I don’t know if it counts as a xmas film but there is definitely winter and stuff…. love that movie, know it by heart.

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