The Presents I’d Give My Characters by Natasha Hastings

Hello, and happy blogmas!! I can’t believe it’s this time already. This year I have a very overambitious 31 day, often multiple posts a day schedule for blogmas, so I really really hope it all comes off and people enjoy it.

To kick us off, we have the wonderful Tasha Hastings with her piece on the presents she’d give the characters of her debut novel the Miraculous Sweetmakers and the Frost Fair. I’m biased cause she’s the best, but her book is the *perfect* thing to pick up now the weather’s getting colder. Onto the post!!

For Thomasina: I’d give her tickets to the theatre, as she finds reading quite hard but really enjoys seeing stories acted out in front of her! As a matter of fact, there may be a magical theatre in my book that she attends in the middle of the night…

For Anne: I’d give her two different books. One would be about exciting medical inventions, as she’s very interested in all things science! I’d also give her an adventure novel to read, as she loves reading fiction a great deal.

For Inigo: I’d give him a mirror, because he loves himself a great deal, and perhaps a new feather for his hat. For the Frost Bear: I’d give him a very cosy bed that he can rest in after a weary night of patrolling the Other Frost Fair.

For Henry: an engraved compass to use for the travels he longs to take. He might not know it just yet, but that boy, just like Thomasina and Anne, has adventure running through his veins.

For Arthur: a lute for him to play (a lute is a sort of old-fashioned guitar) because he loves music, and aspires to be a musician one day.

Thank you so much for reading! Have you read Tasha’s book, or are you planning to? If you have, what do you think of her present choices? If not, do you think you’d enjoy visiting a Frost Fair? ARE YOU AS EXCITED ABOUT BLOGMAS AS I AM? Please chat to me in the comments!!!

Amy xxx


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