Meet my Tattoos!

Hello everybody! So, I posted a photo on Twitter the other week and got a couple of questions about the tattoo that was visible in it, and I remembered that I’d wanted to do a post all about my tattoos and just hadn’t got round to it, and I decided I might as well do one now I have 5 and it’ll be a decent length! So, onto the post!

My alligator: I always said that I wanted my first tattoo to be linked to George Ezra, and I’m so glad I did end up doing that. The specific song he’s for is Shotgun, which isn’t even my favourite George Ezra song really, but it holds a really special meaning for me and it helped me through a really dark year that I had expected to be so much better and brighter, so looking down at my arm and seeing my alligator reminds me I can get through anything, cheesy and ridiculous as that may sound. I got him on my arm for that very reason, in fact!
Spine scar tattoo: this is my tattoo that the least people see, because that area is pretty much always covered and also because I don’t really like people seeing my scar in that photo, so I’m pretty nervous about posting it here, even though I’ve cropped as much of it as possible out so you can’t see it so much. It’s a line from All These Things That I’ve Done by the Killers, and I chose that one for a few reasons: people always think I’m older than I am (both physically and because of the way I act), and it just feels very fitting for where it is on me because . If I’m 100% honest I kind of wish I’d done something a bit different as it doesn’t cover my scar like I’d hoped it would, but it does make seeing it in the mirror slightly less awful (I hardly ever cry when I catch sight of it in the mirror now) and I’m grateful to it for that.
Collarbone tattoo: I have wanted a collarbone tattoo pretty much FOREVER, and then a Youtuber I really love has one and that only made me want one more. I promise not all of these are linked to my spine surgery but shortly before it a friend sent me a card that said “courage, dear heart” ( quoting the Voyage of the Dawn Treader) and it stuck in my head and given it’s so close to my heart in location, it just seemed perfect. This is definitely my most visible one, you can see at least the first word with most clothes!
Foot tattoo: I think it’s pretty much universally agreed that 2020 has been a hellish year, and one real spot of sunshine in it for me has been discovering the wonderful band Vistas. I found them in early April I think, and they very quickly became my favourite band, to the point where I don’t think I listened to anything else for about a month after finding them and I still listen to something by them every day. Looking forward to the release of their debut album was something that really got me through early lockdown, and my level of excitement the day it was released was ridiculous. The title track means a lot to me and it felt, for a few reasons, like something I really needed to hear at that point, so I knew immediately that I wanted it on me. The cloud and sunshine I added for a bit of colour, because I wanted it to be like the album artwork. Something else I really love about it is that before the album was released I was hoping a line from November might be good for a tattoo if I hated ECITE, and it’s actually the last line of that song, so technically it’s from both of them! It hurt SO much to get it done though, like oh my GOD.

My ladybird: sometimes my ideas for tattoos are ridiculously vague, so when I decided I wanted something beautiful on my shoulder it was originally going to be a butterfly. Then for various reasons, I ruled this out (the main one being that Ariana Grande has a really similar one in the exact same place!), and I remembered that Rowan Love from the Ally’s World series has a ladybird tattoo and I knew that was the perfect choice. It was when I read about her that I got interested in tattoos in the first place and I love those books a huge amount, so I’m really glad I ended up with this in the end instead of a butterfly.

I hope this was at least a little bit interesting! Do you have any tattoos? Are you planning to get any? And this is a tiny bit narcissistic, but do you have a favourite one of mine? I’d really love to hear in the comments, I could cheerfully chat about tattoos forever as you’ll know already if you’re my friend!

Amy x

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