The Count to 10 With Me Book Tag

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be doing the Count to 10 With Me book Tag, which Alyce tagged me in before Christmas. I had a LOT of fun doing this and it’s been ages since I’ve actually been tagged in anything officially, so thank you Alyce (and Sean for creating it!). Onto the post!

1. First book in a series

I recently reread State of Sorrow, which is the first in what I’m pretty sure is my favourite duology of all time.

2. Two or more copies of the same book

Ooh, I own duplicate copies of VERY few books, but off the top of my head I think I have three of Murder Most Unladylike!

3. Three colours on the cover

I wasnt expecting this question to be so difficult, but I’m pretty sure only one book that I’ve read this year fits the bill unless I cheat, and that is A Tangle of Magicks (purple, white and pink)

4. Four or more perspectives

The Monsters of Rookhaven has exactly four perspectives, I believe, and it’s so clever and original.

5. A five star read

My most recent five star at the time of writing this is the Flip Side, which is a new adult romance. I love that this is written by a man, from a man’s POV, as it’s so unusual in the genre/age category and it was interesting to see things from the other side a little bit. I loved the romance and the humour is absolutely on point too, from the very first page.

6. Six (or more) short stories

Life is Sweet by Cathy Cassidy has six stories in it I think? It’s a short story collection based around secondary characters in the Chocolate Box Girls series and it’s pretty great.

7. A seven on the cover or spine

Counting by 7s definitely does somewhere!! I absolutely loved this book, and I’d actually really love to reread it at some point this year (but I’m scared in case I don’t love it so much)

8. Eight letters in the title

Swan Song by Gill Lewis! I’m delighted with myself for how quickly I come up with this one, hence lots of exclamation marks are required!

9. Book ends on a page ending in a nine

I’ve been searching for something for about half an hour, and much as I hate to admit defeat, I’m going to have to. I seriously can’t think of or find ANYTHING.

10. Ten books in the series

Okay, so it’ll have eleven when the new short story collection gets published later this year, but the Murder Most Unladylike series currently has ten books in it!

If you want to do this tag, I’d love to see your answers! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading mine, and would also love to hear your thoughts on the books I’ve mentioned in the comments!

Amy x


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13 thoughts on “The Count to 10 With Me Book Tag”

    1. It’s one of my very favourite series, and it follows two girls in the 1930s who solve murder mysteries together, with the help of their friends. The first one takes place at their boarding school, but others in the series take place on the Orient Express, in Hong Kong and on a cruise of the River Nile! I hope you love them if you do end up reading them 😊


  1. As soon as I read number two I KNEW your answer would be MMU!!
    Do you think I’d enjoy Monsters of Rookhaven? I didn’t like Tin but this sounds more me, though I’m still unsure… x

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