Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ve Picked Up Because of Blogger Recommendations

Hello everybody!

Today, I’m taking part in Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, and today’s prompt was to pick a past topic. I’ve decided to go for books I’ve picked up because other bloggers have recommended to me; some of which I’ve read and others that are still on my TBR (and I haven’t got a full ten, which I just want to point out in case anyone thought I couldn’t count 😜). Onto the post!

State of Sorrow– I had been on the fence about reading this, as I wasn’t sure it was up my street but was tempted to because it got described as a fantasy version of the West Wing, and also a LOT of people I follow were in love with it. Charlotte’s review was made me decide once and for all I was going to read it, and I ended up really enjoying it.

Sky Song– I’d probably have picked this up at some point, as it was Waterstones book of the month when it was released and I always like to pick those up, but I wouldn’t have prioritised it had it not been for Aimee, who absolutely loved it. It’s a fantastic MG fantasy with lovable characters and a thrilling quest, and I honestly felt as though I was in the characters’ world as I was reading.

Evie’s Ghost/The Secret Hen House TheatreLouise recommends me a LOT of books, and while I’ve reallt enjoyed most of them aside from the odd exception, I think these are my favourites. There’s something so engrossing about both of these, and despite being very different they both have a cosy feel to them that makes them incredibly enjoyable. It took me ages to read them both, but I’m so glad I did and I definitely plan to pick up the sequel to the Secret Hen House Theatre and Helen Peters’s young MG series at some point as they sound delightful.

Movie Night– I wasn’t sure whether or not to read this, but after seeing Zoe recommend it, I decided to give a go. I’m so glad I did, because it was a lovely romance story with the extra fun of a hilarious cat and a focus on films (including my favourite film of all time!!).

Save the Date– I didn’t really enjoy the only Morgan Matson book I’ve read, which was Since You’ve Been Gone, at all, but I’ve always wanted to try more from her as the concepts of all of them sound so good and Jess’s love for this convinced me to add this to my TBR. I look forward to getting to it (and the Unexpected Everything, which I’ve owned for ages) at some point.

The Boy at the Back of the Class– this is another recommendation from Jess that I’ve added to my TBR. It’s the book for the next MG Chat (which Jess runs), and while I doubt I’ll manage to read it by the time the chat rolls round, I’m still very hopeful I can make it as the book sounds so interesting and lovely and kind of heartbreaking at the same time, and I think it’s likely I’ll enjoy it .

Bigfoot, Tobin and Me– while there wasn’t a specific blogger whose recommendation I took for this, I mainly picked it up because of the blog tour, which was full of amazing posts from the author. I ended up not really gelling with the main character Lem, which hindered my enjoyment, but the story itself was so sweet and I loved the suporting characters of Tobin and her grandfather.

Seven Days of You– I picked this up after seeing Lucy talk about it in a video, and I’m so happy I did. It’s a romance set in Japan, and the gorgeous writing and getting to explore Tokyo made it a super fun read.

What books have you picked up after a recommendation from a blogger? Have you ever picked up a book I’ve recommmended? What are your thoughts on the books I’ve mentioned? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl!

Amy x

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  1. So glad you enjoyed Evie’s Ghost and The Secret Hen House Theatre. Helen Peters writes wonderful stories. I love your recommendations too. Beetle Boy and read-the-rest-of-MMU-NOW stand out. πŸ™‚

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