Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Villains

Hello everybody!

Today, I’m taking part in Top Ten Tuesday, which is hosted by Jana and today has the theme of our favourite villains. Because a lot of my thoughts on villains are similar, I’ve decided to only do a list of six. Onto the post!

Lucretia Cutter from the Beetle Boy trilogy– Lucretia is definitely one of my favourite villains; she’s completely ruthless and coldhearted, and her ultimate objective is to take over the world. She’s an incredibly clever scientist, and I love how layered she is, especially in the last book where we learn the motives behind her plots. The way she treats her daughter Novak is just heartbreaking too.

Patricia Porshley-Plum from the Who Let the Gods Out books– of all Maz Evans’ EXCELLENT villains, Patricia just edges my top spot against the mythical baddies working against Elliott and the Gods. She is much more real, and as such her utter lack of regard for others is even more galling. I’m very much hoping she’ll get her comeuppance in the last book Against All Gods, because her schemes have become even more twisted as the series has went on.

The villain from the Missing Barbegazi– I won’t say who this is, as I think it’s a slight spoiler, but I really didn’t like them. Their objective is to capture the barbeazis so they can keep them captive and perform experiments, and I hated how cruelly he treated them.

Vespus from State of Sorrow- how much I loved to hate Vespus was one of my favourite things about this when I read it in the summer- my skin was crawling every time he was on the page. He’s power hungry, manipulative and most of his actions are just utterly vile. It was a lot of fun watching Sorrow uncover his plot though, and I’m excited to see what’ll happen in the second book; I’m hoping for Vespus’s downfall, mainly.

Tom’s mum from Goodnight Mr Tom– Tom’s mum isn’t a villain in the traditional sense of her directly plotting against the main characters, she’s more of an antagonist, but she very much is in terms how abhorrent a human she is. She is incredibly abusive towards her son and the effects of this, which are evident in how withdrawn and petrified he is at the beginning, are horrific. I have never hated a character more.

Cruella de Vil from the One Hundred and One Dalmatians– the woman wants to murder puppies then skin them for their fur so she can have pretty clothes. Need I explain this one anymore?

Who are your favourite book villains? Do we have any in common? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @GoldenBooksGirl!

Amy x


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  1. Who Let the Gods Out has been at the top of my TBR for absolutely ages now! Now I’m just even more excited to read it. I think I might try and gets to it next month. Thanks!

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