Blog Tour Review: Song of the Far Isles by Nicholas Bowling

Hello everybody! Today, I’m so pleased to be part of the blog tour for Nicholas Bowling’s new release Song of the Far Isles. Onto the post!


In this Hebridean inspired fantasy adventure, set in a world where music is as much a part of life as breathing, a girl named Oran must sail across the stormy seas in order to find the whalebone cithara, after the ruling Red Duchess (who is rumoured to have murdered her whole family), decrees that everyone must cease playing music immediately. This mythical instrument has the power to influence people and convince them of things, and if she doesn’t find it then life as she knows it is over forever. The worldbuilding in this is just incredible, to put it simply.

Nicholas Bowling has created such an interesting and unique world, where music is so vitally important that everyone is born with a “birth instrument” and social lives revolve around music, and ghasts of the island’s deceased advise on matters ranging from crops to how to handle the crisis the book revolves around. I loved reading about Oran’s gift with her cithara, how much her ghostly friend Alick looked out for her, and the ensemble of the Opera were just the icing on the already excellent cake. The villains were so interesting and three dimensional that it was hard not to pity them as well as dislike them, and I loved the way the community of Little Drum came together and relied on each other. I also found Dugald an interesting character, although I can’t say much about him In terms of the plot, the quest is exciting, and there are some twists I really didn’t see coming, and some I did but hoped I was wrong about because I liked the character involved so much.

This is an enchanting fantasy that kept me enthralled throughout, and I’m definitely planning to pick up other books by Nicholas Bowling after how much I liked this.

Thank you so much for reading! Are you planning to pick this up, if you haven’t already? Why do you think music is so important? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x

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