November/December 2022 Releases I Can’t Wait to Read

Hello everybody! Today, its time for me to talk about some November/December releases I’m definitely excited about picking up, even though most of these are now already out and I’m ridiculously late with this. Onto the post!

The Spellbound Tree – this is the third and therefore final book in the Hoarder Hill trilogy, and I’m really looking forward to it! It feels like forever since the last book so I’m very excited to see the characters again and find out how their story concludes too, of course. PS- it has the most stunning cover EVER.

Explorers at Stardust City– this is the sixth Explorers book, and I’m so buzzing for it. This is one of my very favourite series and I love that there’s always a new one out around the time of my birthday. They’re a gift, seriously (and I’m hoping for 9 more books, please don’t let me down Faber and Faber!!)

Mountainfell– Katharine Orton is such a wonderful writer, and I’m thrilled to have a new release from her. It follows a girl on her journey to save her little sister from the clutches of a dangerous cloud dragon, which sounds so classically fantastical.

Murder at Snowfall – Fleur Hitchcock writes the absolute best MG thrillers, and I’ve been excited for this one since she took part in my blogmas last year. I believe she’s coming back for this year’s too, get excited!!

Shad Hadid and the Alchemists of Alexandria– books about magical boarding schools are so absolutely my jam, as you should know by now! And this one seems to focus on food magic? I’m absolutely sold before even turning a page.

Sir Callie and the Champions of Helston– this is about nonbinary, aspiring knight Callie, who is facing barriers because of their gender expression. I think it’ll have a lot of important things to say, and I’m excited to try and spot the Disney references the author mentioned as well.

How to Excavate a Heart – I absolutely adored the very underrated Almost Flying, so this f/f Jewish holiday romance featuring college students and cute corgis is bound to be a brilliant read!

Love in Winter Wonderland– a YA festive romance set in a BOOKSHOP?!? Sign me the hell up, this is going to be absolutely incredible. I just know it!

Well, That Was Unexpected – I finally read Dial A for Aunties this year, and had SUCH a good time, so I’m very excited for the author’s first YA book. Especially as it’ll allow me to explore a setting I’m pretty sure I’ve never read about before- Indonesia.

You’re a Mean One, Matthew Prince– this is a new adult romance, I think potentially of the enemies to lovers trope, and I’ve been wanting to read this author since his debut was announced! So I’ll probably start with this one and then read Never Been Kissed next year.

Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail– I’ve not seen great reviews of this, so I don’t actually know if I’ll read it, but I loved Delilah Green Doesn’t Care so here it is anyway. Astrid is a great character and I would love to see her getting her happy ending.

A Merry Little Meet Cute– I haven’t read as much Julie Murphy as I maybe should, and I want to rectify that! Her co-written adult debut looks flirtatious and funny and maybe a fiery, and I think it’ll be an amazing time!!

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe– I’m a huge fan of Jenni Bayliss-Jennings, and I think this book, set in a castle at a festive wedding celebration, has the potential to be my very favourite. It just sounds so fun and full of romance!

Murder on the Christmas Express – The Christmas Murder Game was the most perfect read for Christmas day, so I may well save this for this year’s. It’s a Christmassy homage to Muder on the Orient Express, which sounds AMAZING.

The Christmas Wish – I wasn’t a huge fan of On a Night Like This, but I’m definitely willing to give this Groundhog Day inspired one a chance as I LOVED In Case You Missed It, a couple years ago!

A Snowfall by the Sea- I’m a big Isla Gordon fan, regardless of what name she’s writing under (I have some Lisa Dickenson I want to read this Christmas as well!!). This is a festive romance set at the seaside, and I’m so excited for the cosy, comforting vibes it will no doubt have.

Just for December– this is a special treat- a winter book by an author I’ve loved for AGES. I believe it’s fake dating as well, AND I love books set on movie sets. I’m so buzzing, honestly.

Have I Told You This Already?- I read Lauren Graham’s first essay collection in 2019, I think, and loved it. So of course I want to read her new one. Hopefully it’ll finally galvanise me to rewatch Gilmore Girls as well; I’ve wanted to for AGES.

Five Survive– this is the new Holly Jackson, and it sounds a bit like Tag, You’re Dead, so given that I loved her trilogy and that book, I’m pretty sure this’ll be a hit for me!

Thank you so much for reading! Which releases are you most anticipating in the last 2 months of the year? Do you like the sound of anything on my list? I’d love to chat in the comments! Amy xx


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  1. I am struggling to write my review for Sir Callie and the Champions of Helston because it is SO GOOD! It’s one of those books that gave me all the feels, and they’re currently running around in my brain refusing to settle into actual words. Cannot recommend it enough!

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