January/February 2023 Releases I’m Excited About!

Hello everybody! Today, I’m sharing the January and February releases that I am hoping to read, at some point. My tbr is ridiculous and I don’t get to everything within release year, but I try hard, and a great book is a great book even if you are late to the party. So without further ado, here’s a stupidly long list!


The Octopus, Dadu and Me– this sounds so brilliant- it’s about a girl trying to save an octopus from an aquarium, while also coping with her beloved grandfather having dementia. Based off both these things, how much are we betting I’ll cry heaps?

The Night Animals– again, I suspect this will make me cry tons. It’s also about a girl having a tough time, and these magical animals who come and help her navigate that. The cover is absolutely stunning as well.

The Detention Detectives– I absolutely love mystery books, so this story about students finding a body after detention is like catnip to me. I’m hoping for a middle grade One Of Us Is Lying, essentially, and I’ve also heard there’s disability rep which is always a big green flag for me.

Wildoak– I must confess that I initially wanted to pick this up cause of the cover, but I’m also always down for books about how amazing animals are, to be fair.

Valentine Crow and Mr Death– I really liked Jenni Spangler’s debut years ago, and I love the cover and concept of this, so had to pick it up. Very excited to buddy read it with Charlotte this month, hopefully!

Libby and the Highland Heist– this is my blogging mum Jo’s second book, and it is set in my homeland which already endears me to it. I love a mystery and I love a boarding school vibe, and I absolutely need to get to it before spring. Can someone hold me to that please?

Game Over Girl– I loved Naomi’s debut Every Line of You, so I’m sure her new thriller will be fantastic too! It’s about virtual reality, boarding school and a dark secret; doesn’t that just sound delicious?

The Midnight Game– I have a review copy of this also and I am so excited to be scared senseless once again by the master of creepiness herself Cynthia Murphy. Note to self: maybe read this one, about meeting internet strangers, at a very carefully chosen time…

The Agency for Scandal– my love of Laura Wood is no secret, and my friends who adore her too (hi Tasha and Laura, if you’re reading, you actually pop up a few times lol) have given this absolutely rave reviews. I’m in a very weird spot of being desperate to read it and desperate to save it for a special occasion, but I also can’t think of anything special enough. Yes, my brain is extremely weird, thanks for asking.

The Romcom Agenda– this came up as a recommendation on GOODREADS, of all places, and I liked the title and the fact it celebrates classic romcoms, so onto the list it went! You just can’t have enough romance in your life, can you? Although I must confess I’ve read less of it recently, I wonder why…? (Anyone who follows me on socials knows what’s up)

Exes and Os– this has such a bright and colourful cover that I had to check it out when it kept popping up on social media. I love that it’s about someone trying to engineer a second chance romance, and presumably falling in love with someone completely different in the process. So fun and creative!

The Back Up Man– I thought this author’s debut was SO much fun when I read it, and I’m obsessed with the concept of this. I have pacts to marry friends by certain ages if we’re single so I love that this is about someone actually trying to go through with that; I think a LOT of us have loose plans, right? Or am I just too obsessed with my friends…?

Emily Wilde’s Encyclopedia of Faeries– this is admittedly a bit of a wildcard pick, and I don’t know when I’ll be getting a copy, but I really like the sound of it. It sounds like a super cute cosy fantasy-romance hybrid and I just think that’ll work well for me based on some favourite adult books last year.


Glitter Boy- this is giving me Simon James Green vibes, and I’m so here for it. I love the joyful cover and I think it’ll be a huge hit for me based on what I’ve heard so far, which includes a glowing recommendation from one of my favourite authors.

The Tiger Who Sleeps in My Chair– fun fact: tigers are one of my favourite animals, so the cover and title of this grabbed my attention straight away. It sounds like a wonderful dual-timeline historical story, and I believe it has themes of mental health.

The Song Walker– this is about two girls who find themselves in the Australian Outback under very strange circumstances, and them teaming up to try and find answers, while hiding secrets from one another. The Sleeping Stones- this is about a magical Welsh island, and that’s pretty much all I really need to know to want to read it. I think it’ll be right up my alley!

The Time Tider- a new Sinéad O’ Hart is always a huge treat; this one is about a girl trying to save her dad (who has the very intriguing title of the Time Tider) after he is kidnapped. I’m sure it’ll be just as amazing as everything else this absolute star has written.

Unexpected Guests– this series about a school for witches always brings joy to my life, so I am of course looking forward to picking this up. I’m sure it’ll just be a light, fluffy, lovely story that’ll brighten up whichever day I end up reading it on.

Villains Academy- this is a story about school for trainee baddies, so that sounds awesome and I obviously have to read it. The author is hilarious on socials as well, so I’m sure the book will make me laugh lots too!

The Swifts– one of my absolute most anticipated books of this year! I’m so here for murder and mayhem and also a protagonist called SHENANIGAN makes me even more excited. It’s a debut as well, and I’m buzzing to be part of the blog tour.

A Game of Life and Death– I’ve heard such great things about this! I think it’s another virtual reality themed one? At the very least, there is a shady tech company up to no good. I’m super intrigued from what I’ve heard so far and I love this title.

Every Gift a Curse– this is the final book in what is probably my favourite YA series at the moment/maybe of all time. I can’t wait to buddy read it with Sophie, who is also absolutely obsessed with these weird, witchy, wonderful stories.

This Is How You Fall in Love– this comes highly recommended by a very trusted bookish friend, as well as sounding like exactly my kind of thing anyway! The fake dating trope is my most favourite ever; I’ll very possibly end up reading this for the Romcomathon if my copy arrives in time!

Not That Kind of Ever After– this is described as a fairytale retelling romcom, which is pretty much all I needed to be sold on it instantly. I found it pretty much by accident on insta, and I think it’s so cool that social media broadens and improves my reading life in so many ways!

Thank you so much for reading! Which books out this month or last month are you planning to pick up? Has anything on my list piqued your interest? I’d love to chat in the comments!

Amy xx


Author: goldenbooksgirl

Disabled book blogger who also writes TV, film, music and other posts from time to time | UKYABA Champion Teen 2018 | Email: goldenbooksgirl@gmail.com | she/her

2 thoughts on “January/February 2023 Releases I’m Excited About!”

  1. I await your thoughts on Detention Detectives. I love a mystery, but the title abd cover of this put me off. I need you to make the will-Rachael-roll-her-eyes call!!


    1. Look, I’m not sure we can be friends if you keep making me add books to my TBR like this. I did LOVE Valentine Crow.


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